The Best Blogging Tools

I don’t talk much about blogging on my blog. I’ve always felt that there were bigger and better bloggers on the internet that could provide more helpful insight than I could. However, I’ve been blogging for awhile and the most questions I get are actually about blogging and how to start a blog.

So today I’m going to take a teeny step into blogging about blogging and sharing a few of my favorite tools for blogging.

best blogging tools

BossPitchThis course was the number 1 best thing I did for my blog. Erica from Coming Up Roses, teaches this brilliant course and it completely changed my blog and my business. Erica gives you the tools and techniques to pitch and negotiate with brands. This course changed my blog from a hobby to a business.

Soft lighting kitI use these two lights for indoor shots. I love them and they give a great amount of light while still staying natural. I use these lights plus my Diva Ring light for YouTube videos as well. Combined I feel like I get the right amount of light.

Diva Ring lightI love this light! It makes your face look flawlesssss. I use this for make-up shots and YouTube videos. It’s pricey but if you are ready to take your blog to the next level, I think it’s worth the investment.

TripodSometimes you don’t always have someone to take your photos. When your photographer (or husband, friend, whatever) isn’t available to take a photo for you, a tripod is a must. This is the one I use. It’s pretty basic, but I like it!

Backdrop kitIf you take indoor shots, a great backdrop kit is a good thing to have. I have a black fabric and a sequin backdrop. This is the kit that I use for them though. I also use it for photo booths when we host parties lol.

Cell phone tripod mount: Yo. You don’t need a fancy camera when you are starting out. You can use your phone for sure. Even if you aren’t just starting out, a phone is a great option. I use mine all the time. However, get this tripod mount so you can use your phone on your tripod. This works great with the tripod I mentioned earlier.

Blue Yeti Microphone: It took me awhile to invest in a microphone, but I use this mic when we record podcasts. I also use it when I voice over YouTube videos. If you aren’t doing video, this isn’t necessary but if you are doing anything where you talk I highly recommend a high-quality mic like this one!

Lightroom Presets: There are so many good presets out there. You can either make your own or purchase some. There are many great options on Etsy, but I love Dani Austin’s presets. I use all three on my IG feed. I do a little tweaking obviously to fit my skin tone, hair, etc. but I love her presets.

Photo Studio Light box: My sweet hubbs got me this for Christmas. It’s AWESOME if you shoot products. It’s a perfect white light box with lots of different angles for photo shooting. The box is large, but folds up nice and compact for storing. It’s a great addition for blogging.

There we have it. I didn’t purchase all of this at once, but over time these are the items I’ve collected. This is a quick breakdown, but if you have more questions about blogging or these products please let me know!

Do you have a blog? Are you looking to start one? What are your favorite tools?


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