My 2020 Planner and Why I Chose It

It’s a new year so that means a new planner! I am still 100 percent a pen and paper girl. Stephen and I have a shared Google calendar for events but I need to break down all of my lists, goals, daily schedules and ideas. Today, I’m sharing my 2020 planner and why I chose it.

This year, I went with a Day Designer. I purchased the daily breakdown spread. It has many options for customization and organization. The Day Designer does have a weekly spread, but I have a lot going on and needed something that could help me organize my entire life.

2020 planner

The daily spread includes a to-do list, a daily schedule, a place for your top 3 priorities of the day, reminders for bills due, any deadlines, what you are eating for dinner and a don’t forget section. In addition to this planning piece, there is a section for notes and daily gratitude.

I love the daily gratitude piece. I was trying to remember to keep a daily gratitude jar last year, but I failed pretty miserably at remembering to write something down each day and put it in the jar. This is so easy and simple to write it directly into my planner. At the end of the year, I can go back and see everything I was grateful for in 2020.

I’ve used many different planners over the years. I was a die-hard Erin Condren fan for five years. I eventually realized I needed more of a blogging planner and transitioned to a Kate Spade planner that I customized on my own. After that I moved to This year I needed a more comprehensive planner that could span over several aspects of my life.

Check out my 2019 planner and how I use it.

I’m very pleased with my choice so far. Check out the video for an in-depth look at the Day Designer.

What planner are you using for 2020?


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