How to Properly Apply Purple Shampoo

If you are a blonde, you know what a legitimate pain in the bootay it is to keep your hair color cool and not brassy. You have to find the right color, find the right toner, keep it out of the sun and chlorine, and treat it with the best purple shampoo. All of these things have to be done while still trying to keep it healthy and undamaged.

It’s no secret I have tinted my hair purple on more than one occasion from incorrectly applying my purple shampoo and conditioner. Actually, like all the time. I typically get distracted while I’m in the shower and leave it on too long. *Queue GIF of Emma Stone singing “Pocket Full of Sunshine” in the shower.* 

how to apply purple shampoo

Ok, that’s only happened one time. The rest of the time I am doing other things. I have to shave my legs, apply all my products, actually bathe and get clean, exfoliate. There are just so many things women have to accomplish in the shower and men have no idea. Stephen gets in-and-out of the shower in 10 minutes or less, combs his hair and looks like a dang Ken doll. A shower routine for me takes 30-45 minutes start to finish and I look like a drowned raccoon.

I digress.

So I try to efficiently manage my time in there and achieve some passive multi-tasking. I leave my purple shampoo on while I move on to another part of my shower routine. The result is sometimes me looking like Ashley O from Black Mirror. 

So today, I want to tell you all of my tips that I’ve learned from making mistakes with my purple shampoo that cause me to look like a Disney Villian. Gotta love a good trial-and-error post.

how to apply purple shampoo

Before I break down my tips let’s break down what I use. For my regular shampoo and conditioner I use the Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a very affordable combination and can be found at Target. The entire Kristin Ess line is amazing and I highly recommend it for all hair types. You can check out my soft-wave hair tutorial with the Kristin Ess Pivoting Wand on YouTube.

How to properly apply purple shampoo and conditioner:

EVENLY distribute your purple shampoo and conditioner. You will need a dime to quarter-sized amount depending on the thickness of your hair. I also have really really long hair, so I end up using a little more. In the past, I have applied too much to one section and ended up with a gross blob of hair that had too much product. I’ve also ended up with splotchy purple spots.

In order to properly distribute the product, I take a comb into the shower with me and comb through my hair once the product is applied. This gives me an all over product application.

Apply shampoo longer where there is more brass. My hair is darker and warmer near my roots so I need to focus more shampoo on top of my head. I apply the most product there and let it sit for awhile longer. If we’re getting specific, I apply shampoo to my roots for 3 minutes, at minute 2 I apply shampoo down the ends of my hair, comb through it all, and wash it all out at the same time.

Apply conditioner to the ends not the top. This is just good conditioner knowledge all around. Don’t put it on top of your head or you get kind of an oily mess. Stop applying an inch or two away from your roots. Definitely use your comb while you condition. This is where you don’t want to get carried away. I think the conditioner tones faster than shampoo. I cut whatever the recommended time on the bottle is in half. So for Kristin Ess, it says 3 minutes. I do 1.5.

Don’t apply purple shampoo and conditioner every wash. Alternate it with another shampoo/conditioner combination so you don’t over tone your hair. So if you wash your hair twice a week, use your purple products once a week. You can use the regular Kristin Ess shampoo if you want to keep it all in the same family, steal your husband’s shampoo (mine uses high-quality so this has definitely happened), or use your go-to fave. I love the Alterna Caviar Repair shampoo and conditioner. It’s a little expensive but when I have it I use this one.

Wash thoroughly. Make sure all of your product is out. If not, you will have the spots like I mentioned before. Just stand under the shower and let the water run. Get it ALL out.

My husband would also like me to add this tip.

Wash your tub. Purple shampoo tones not only your hair but your tub too. Make sure you get all the extra product down the drain lol.

There are my tips for applying purple shampoo and conditioner. Do you use purple products? What are your favorites? 



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  1. 8.22.19

    Purple shampoo is my jam! Your tips are spot on! I’ve been in the process from going super dark brown to I haven’t decided how blonde, but definitely a cool blonde, which is new to me. I’ve tried a handful of purple shampoos. Right now I’m using the RUSK purple shampoo and conditioner system.

  2. 8.22.19

    i’ve never heard of purple shampoo before! I always thought you conditioned from the roots not the ends!

  3. 8.22.19
    Alix Maza said:

    I’ve never heard of purple shampoo or conditioner haha. This was eye opening!

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