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salata atlanta salata atlanta

So I love Atlanta but we are severely lacking in the salad department. When you want a salad in our city, there is no obvious delicious choice. We have tons of fresh and healthy options but they are still like farm-to-fresh burgers, not deliciously fresh salads.

That was true, until Salata came to Atlanta! You can practically hear the hallelujah chorus!

Salata is the next generation of salad bars. You can go and order exactly what you want in a salad or a wrap. You can pick your ingredients, your tortillas, your soup, your proteins. Anything!

We now have two locations in Atlanta–one in Atlantic Station that opened six weeks ago and one in Sandy Springs that opened yesterday. Another is coming to Providence Square in Marietta in January!

Stephen and I attended at party last night at the Atlantic Station location to sample some of the cuisine and we are in LOVE. This is going to be a regular in our weekly rotation. I made basically a cobb salad in a cucumber wrap and he just picked his favorite ingredients and wrapped them up in a wheat tortilla. We also sampled the chipotle white bean soup that is quickly becoming a staple in my cold weather diet.

My favorite feature though is the Tea Tap. Similar to a beer tap you would see at a bar, the tea tap has a wall of delicious teas. My favorite is the sweet and black (hello because Atlanta), but I also really really liked the Tropical Green Tea. If you’re feeling ballsy, I also highly recommend mixing a few of your favorites.

Everything at Salata is FRESH FRESH FRESH! Your salad or salad wrap is made-to-order and tossed right in front of you. It makes all the difference in the taste. Bonus, all of their dressings are homemade and gluten free.

So rejoice Atlanta, our days of sad salad options are over! Salata is here and making a serious splash. It’s the perfect affordable lunch option so grab your friends and go today!

Do you have a Salata in your city?


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  1. 11.10.17
    Larissa Joassaint said:

    THIS IS SO COOL! I went out to eat with my friend the other day, and she asked me what I was craving. It’s weird, I know, but I was craving a salad, and as you said, Atlanta doesn’t really have many options when it comes to good salad places. I’m so excited to try this place out! And I know so many people who will be thrilled about this! I’ll have to go soon for sure!

  2. 11.10.17
    Beth Shankle Anderson said:

    This sounds like a great place! Would love to try when I visit Atlanta. You’re right. There is a salad restaurant shortage there, but this place sounds perfect!

    Beth ||

    • 11.12.17

      It’s the perfect lunch spot! You’ll have to check it out next time you’re in town.

  3. 11.10.17
    Holly Habeck said:

    This place looks amazing! We just got a salad bar restaurant in my hometown, and it’s a total game changer.

    • 11.12.17

      Right?? It’s unbelievable what a difference it makes having one in town.

  4. 11.11.17
    Amanda K said:

    All of this looks so good!

    Amanda ||

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