About Helen

Hey there! I’m Helen, but my family and friends call me “Hel.” It’s a term of endearment that gets a lot of “side-eye.” I’m not hellacious in the least though. I wear a lot of sparkles, have a “resting pleasant face,” and want to be Queen Elsa when I grow up. I am an Atlanta-based marketing professional by day, life and style blogger by nights and weekends.

I began Hel On Heels in 2015, as a hobby to help me through my quarter-life crisis. However, my hobby became my passion, and I looked forward to cultivating and creating new content every day.

In other news, I can’t function without Diet Coke, consider queso a food group, and order everything from furniture to toilet paper on Amazon Prime. I live in the surrounding Atlanta area with my incredible husband, our sweet mutt Molly, and our fat cat Mimosa.

Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

About Hel On Heels

Hel On Heels is a life and style blog encompassing fashion, food, wellness, and beauty in Atlanta, GA. I view my blog as a digital lifestyle magazine written by your best friend. Articles include anything from trying a new recipe, showcasing a fabulous outfit, or introducing a new product I can’t live without. I want to bring my readers the best steals and deals, behind the scenes secrets, and honest reviews.

Tell me about you! My favorite part about blogging is meeting bloggers and collaborating with interesting companies. DM me on Instagram, send me a Tweet or drop by the Hel On Heels Facebook page. If that’s all too much, you can always send me an email!

I look forward to meeting you!