The Best Pink Coats and Where to Buy Them

pink coats

Is there anything better than pink coats? I think not. When the winter months come, I feel like I lose my feminine style quickly buried beneath lots of layers. Obviously, I don’t want to freeze, so sometimes I sacrifice fashion for warmth. Having a great pink coat lets me accomplish both.

I have always had a pink coat. One of my favorites was a Jessica Simpson coat from a few years ago. I actually got engaged in that coat so it’s very special to me. Over the years I’ve had several beautiful pink coats. My current favorite is this faux fur and suede number that makes me feel like I’m living in Barbie’s dream coat. (Side note, it’s $65.99, so very affordable for such a high-quality coat.

pink coats

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for pink coats.

ASOS: I love ASOS for their affordable options. I always head to ASOS when I’m looking for something specific and a pink coat is no exception. They have some beautiful options for puffer, fur, fuzzy and more. Lots of the options are at very affordable price points.

Amazon: I bought my perfect Barbie coat on Amazon. I actually was targeted for it on Instagram and had to scoop it up. The quality is so high and the fur is gorgeous. If you aren’t into pink, this coat also comes in other colors. In addition to my gorgeous coat, there are lots of other options.

Macys: I bought my engagement coat from Macy’s a few years ago. Jessica Simpson has some great options for pink coats as well as lots of other designers.

Nordstrom: Nordstrom has a great variety of pink coats. If you are looking for a more high-end coat, I would definitely check out Nordstrom. They also have more affordable options and TONS of different designs and styles to fit your taste.

H&M: While H&M doesn’t have as many options for coats, the pink coats they have in stock are beautiful. I also love a pink pattern and they have some great options for pattern coats.

Where do you like to shop for coats? Check out lots of beautiful options for pink coats below!


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