Gift Guide 2019: White Elephant

Another week, another gift guide! This one is very fun. Christmas time brings White Elephant exchanges at parties. So today, I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite White Elephant ideas for 2019. Stephen was a HUGE help with this one too. You can check out lots of his ideas for what to get the men in your life on my Gift Guide for Him.

Ok, let’s get right into it.

Nothing But Corgi Butts 2020 Calendar – Is there anything cuter than Corgi butts? I assure you, there isn’t. Why not celebrate 12 months of Corgi butt. This gift will have your friends laughing, but also saying a big fat “Awwwwww.”

2020 Bubble Wrap Calendar – Keeping in line with the calendar theme, this is a bubble wrap calendar. At the end of a stressful day, pop the bubble and move on with your life. Let that stress out!

Sushi Socks – This is so cute! It’s a little Bento box of cute socks!

Betty White Prayer Candle – I would feel safer having a prayer candle with Betty White’s face on it in my house. What about you?

World’s Smallest Vacuum – Clean up your desk, cube, or or keyboard with the world’s smallest vacuum.

LightSaber Chopstick – Baby Yoda has made Star Wars relevant again so these lightsaber chopsticks are a perfect timely gift this year.

Fries on the Fly Fry holder – Are your friends on the road all the time? This fry holder fits right in the cup holder of your car and holds fries from fast food runs.

Shower Wine Glass Holder – Have a day where you can’t even take a shower without a glass of wine? The shower wine glass holder is perfect for those tough days.

Horse Head Mask – Because why not?

Frozen Margarita Glasses – These live in your freezer so they can keep your frozen margarita even chillier.

Drink Holder for you Sofa – If the sofa is doesn’t have a cup holder, this really comes in clutch. It fits over the arm rest and holds your drink in place.

Pug Succulent – Succulents=good, pugs=great.

Happy Tree Color Changing Mug – This Bob Ross mug changes colors from black to happy trees with the temperature.

Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker – This is something I feel like people might actually want. It’s a Bluetooth speaker for your shower. Thought at least one practical gift should make it’s way onto this list.

Hot Seat Card Game – How well do you know your friends? Find out with this fun fun game.

Phone neck holder – Do you want to watch Netflix on your phone while lying down and then drop your phone on your face? This problem will go away with the phone neck holder. Simply slip it over your neck and your phone will stay in place.

Toilet Night Light – Light up your friend’s night with this toilet bowl night light. It changes color and is motion-activated.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten from a White Elephant exchange?


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