2019 Blooper Reel

It’s time for my favorite post of the whole year! It’s time for bloopers.

I love bloopers because they show a complete behind-the-scenes look at blogging. Nothing filtered, nothing fake. Here are some of my best from 2019.

You can check out my 2018 bloopers here and my 2017 blooper reel here.

I either stubbed my toe or burned my tongue. Can’t totally remember what happened here.

My aim was really spot on here…

I have to stay well-caffeinated or I won’t survive.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I can’t really survive in the sun.

There are more pictures of me playing with my hair than actually made it on IG.

Just a hot mess. Can’t lose my balloons. Can’t get my life together.

Awkward turtle.

Unfortunately, I think this was intentional. I really can’t “smize.”

I also have lots of pictures talking.

Sometimes it’s hard to climb on the table within the 10 second timer.

More closed eyes…

This face is probably going to haunt your dreams.

I don’t know if the blooper is that I’m playing with my hair or wearing my slippers outside.

I really love pumpkin patches, but my face says otherwise.

These bloopers don’t have to all be of me…

Just a mess all around.

Talking. Sun. All my basic bloopers combined into one photo.

When your blog friends tell you something to help you “smize” and it goes awry.

Twerk team 2k14 back at it again.

Believe it or not, I have blogged before.

This was supposed to be of my dress flowing. But I missed the timing and my dog photo bombed.

More bad timing lol.

Mess on mess on mess.

There you have it! The best bloopers of 2019! Happy New Year. Can’t wait to see what shenanigans are in store for me in 2020.


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