Introducing The Hunch Punch Podcast

Well it only took 19 months, but I am so excited to finally make this announcement.

Stephen and I have started a podcast!!

We started talking about this in April of 2018. Actually it was more than talking, we had picked our intro music, purchased equipment, and planned some content. Then life got busy. Every once in awhile we would bring it back up, but then XYZ would come up and the podcast would fall to the wayside.

When we went to FinCon a few weeks ago, we reignited the podcast spark! With the transition of my career, now seemed like an excellent time to really commit the time! I attended a few sessions on podcasting and we started getting ready to actually launch.

hunch punch podcast

I love the idea of hosting a podcast with my husband! Honestly he is such a humongous part of the Hel On Heels brand, though often behind the scenes. You’ll hear us discuss this in our first podcast, but I am a “big idea” person! I come up with all these ideas and projects and am ready to rock immediately. Stephen is the logic behind the brand. He makes us take a beat, crunch some numbers, and weigh the outcome.

In addition, he also takes my pictures most of the time, creates awesome gift guides for the men in your life, and makes occasional appearances in posts. You all like Stephen. When we do Q&A’s, 90% of the questions are about him and I get requests to have him on stories more often.

A podcast seemed like the perfect way to incorporate Stephen into the forefront of the brand. A podcast doesn’t require a styled shoot, a new link, or a produced video. It’s people having a conversation, and in our case, in pajamas. We drink boxed wine and talk about topics.

hunch punch podcast

Which brings me to the name of our podcast! The Hunch Punch Podcast launches TODAY! We named it this because Hunch Punch is a mixture of anything and everything you have lying around your house, similar to a lifestyle blog. We will use this podcast as a continuation of the Hel On Heels blog, but with the addition of a male perspective.

Also, we met in college at a party so really Hunch Punch is a cornerstone of our relationship. Seemed fitting to pay tribute.

hunch punch podcast

We’ve had such a blast launching this weekly podcast! New episodes will go live every Tuesday basically anywhere you can find a podcast. Here is the info of where to find us:

Spotify: Click this link and follow along. You can also search Hel On Heels or The Hunch Punch Podcast and we should appear! I’m personally a Spotify so this is how I will be listening.

Apple Podcasts/iTunes: Ok this is where it gets a littttle trickier. First, we aren’t approved. It’s been well over a week at this point and we’re getting impatient. I read it can take up to three weeks to get approved on Apple Podcasts and we have some topics we want to go ahead and cover in October, so we made the decision not to wait for it. Know that it is coming and we will let you know as soon as it is available on the platform.

Second, since we are a new podcast, you can’t just click a link to the podcast on Apple if you aren’t subscribed. However, you can click a link to the episode and subscribe that way. SO once we are approved, we will update Instagram/website/etc with the direct link to the episodes. You can also search for The Hunch Punch Podcast.

We’re also available on Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and basically anywhere podcasts are found. I’ll also be linking new episodes on the Podcast tab on my blog menu.

hunch punch podcast

The first episode is live! In this episode, we introduce the Hunch Punch Podcast, talk about why we decided to start one and what we anticipate the topics will be, we go over all the names we didn’t pick for the podcast, and then end up talking about television for awhile.

Next Tuesday, our episode will be all about Halloween.

The following week it will release on our actual anniversary, so we are talking wedding planning tips, things we’ve learned in marriage, we’ll give a bit of our backstory, AND we want to answer YOUR questions. Last year, Stephen did a Q&A on the blog, but this year we are going to do it together. If you have questions about anything including relationships, wedding planning, newlywed things, questions for us (feel free to get personal!), whatever, please send them our way!!

Additionally, if you have anything you want us to talk about on the podcast, please let us know! You can send me an email at We want to talk about things you want to know!

Ok this is getting long, thank you for supporting Stephen and me on our new endeavor. We hope you love The Hunch Punch Podcast! We have so much fun recording these and really hope you enjoy them!

IF you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a 5 star review and subscribe & share. Getting the word out is what really makes a podcast successful and we SO appreciate your help!


Hel (and Stephen!)


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The Hunch Punch Podcast

The Hunch Punch Podcast


  1. 10.11.19

    This is so exciting. Starting a podcast is something that my husband and I have talked about but have never got around to doing.

  2. 10.11.19
    Citytoast Southtea said:

    This is pretty cool. I wanted to start a podcast with my hubby as well but not sure if that will happen….lol

  3. 10.11.19
    Alix Maza said:

    This is awesome! Good luck with this.

  4. 10.12.19
    Kileen said:

    I am loving the name of the podcast and have been listening to a few podcasts lately. Definitely need to check this one out, so exciting babe!

    cute & little

  5. 10.12.19

    How exciting! Podcasts are all the rage right now, and I’ve seen so many people grow immensely (both business-wise AND personally) after starting their own. I’ve actually never even listened to a podcast before, and now that there’s so many I have no idea where to begin! 😅

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