Travel Necessities

It’s YouTube Monday! Today we’re talking about travel.

To be fair, I’m actually in my cubical today not jet-setting. I wish I were going somewhere fabulous, but we can talk about travel just the same.

Today’s video is a short little list of travel necessities! I try my very hardest not to check a bag if I can help it. I have severe anxiety that it’s going to get lost. This means I have to get very strategic with my packing.

Check out my video with my favorite items for strategic and easy packing!

Do you check a bag or carry-on?


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  1. 6.3.19

    I need to get myself a steamer! I used to never check a bag but lately I don’t want to bother carrying or pulling a bag around the airport.

  2. 6.3.19
    Brittainy Perry said:

    I totally agree with you..all of these are 100% needed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 6.3.19

    Packing cubes have become my favorite thing lately. I just love that I can keep everything more organized. I usually check a bag. I like to be as free as possible when I’m walking through the airport. 🙂

  4. 6.3.19
    stayingafloat blog said:

    We hear you on not checking a bag – high five! Saves money and time! Win win. Haven’t made the jump to packing cubes yet but hear a lot of good hype about them.

  5. 6.3.19

    For the first time ever I went on my last trip with only a carry on and it felt so freeing! I’m definitely going to pack lighter from now on.

  6. 6.4.19
    Marisa H said:

    Great video .. you are so fun!!! The Shoe storage and steamer are so genius!!! I’m totally taking those on my next trip!

  7. 6.4.19
    Jasmine said:

    I definitely agree.. You need to pack lightly and only bring things that you need the most!

  8. 6.4.19
    aisasami said:

    I never thought about the containers and tubes to put valuable things and liquids! Nice idea!

  9. 6.4.19
    Alix Maza said:

    Most of the time I do both! Thanks for sharing these essentials.

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