April Favorites

I feel like this year is flying by, no? Like how is it May?

I just filmed my March favorites video not too long ago, so I didn’t think I needed another favorites video back to back. Instead I am breaking down my April favorites in a blog post.

I like this month’s list! I’ve included household things, some food items, beauty products and a few style items. Also these aren’t all necessarily new products in April, but either new to me or something I found a newfound love and respect for.

Before we get into it, don’t forget that the Sephora Beauty Insider sale is happening right now! You can get the beauty items listed during that sale. I did a massive round-up last week of all my favorites.

Ok, let’s get into it!

Caulipower Pizza: I talked about these on my Instagram stories this month. Stephen and I did a little comparison party between Caulipower and another brand and Caulipower kicked the other brand’s butt. This pizza has a cauliflower crust, but tastes like a yummy delicious flatbread. It’s also 6 Weight Watcher points for half a pizza and I am here for it. Also, you can find it at Kroger!

New RX Bar Flavors (especially lemon): RX Bars sent me a package with their 3 new flavors. I like all of them, but Lemon is my favorite. Lemon bars are actually one of my top 5 favorite desserts and these bars taste like that. I love them! The other flavors are Chocolate Cherry and Banana Chocolate Walnut (it tastes like banana bread!)

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops: These are amazing! You put a few drops in your lotion and apply as normal for a subtle, even glow. They are literally always sold out at Sephora but go ahead and sign yourself up for the waiting list.

Pink Mules: I wrote a post about cute mules for spring, but I am living for pink mules right now. My sister gave me a pair for Christmas and I just can’t get enough. I’m so obsessed with them right now.

Microneedling Set: I have a full post on this coming on Friday, but I still wanted to include it on my favorites list. Look out for more details about how I’m helping my dark spots with this set on Friday!

Asymmetrical Buttons: I’m loving this trend so much right now! I love this feminine dress and am looking for more and more asymmetrical button dresses like this one. I can’t find mine online, but I did find it in yellow! Here are a few other options: white, navy, mustard, black.

Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist: Glow Recipe does it again! They came out with an ultra-fine mist to complement the Watermelon Glow Mask and Pink Juice. Seriously you will look like a glowing goddess after using this trifecta of products!

Eno Rings: Stephen and I both have these. When you don’t feel like wearing your real wedding rings because you might damage them, Eno rings come in clutch! I have a triple stack of Pink, Black, White. Stephen just has a fat black band. We wear them while exercising mostly, but also anytime we want our rings to take a time out. I just like to have a second option when my engagement ring and band need to stay at home. They are made of silicone and come in cute designs and patterns.

Zoodles: I’m back on Weight Watchers full-time now. I’m also incredibly lazy when it comes to the kitchen. I found these pre-packaged Zoodles at Kroger and am so thankful I did. They are zero points. I mix them with a homemade garlic butter and sauteed mushrooms. This meal ends up being only 3 points because of the butter and is so filling and delicious!

Pink + Palm: I am LOVING this trend right now. It’s everywhere and so so cute. I will 100% be rocking this combo all summer. Here are some of my favorite options: Shorts, shoes, jacket, dress, print, and suit.

Peace Out Dark Spot Dots: Remember my acne stickers from last month? WELL guess what? Peace Out came out with microneedling stickers for dark spots. I mean, just take my money. I have acne scarring around my chin and these dots are a game-changer.

There we have it! What are your favorite products from this month?



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  1. 5.1.19
    wander women abroad said:

    I love everything about this outfit! Its so perfect for spring and the shoes are just too cute! I need all of this

  2. 5.1.19

    April was an amazing month! Some thing I loved was reading “Girl Stop Apologizing,” I also have been SUPER into podcasts recently and have been loving listening to them while walking my puppy. P.S. Love that dress on you!

  3. 5.1.19

    Good to hear about the Caulipower – I’ve had some good cauliflower crust pizzas but I’ve also had some bad ones, so I’ll try to find this one!

  4. 5.1.19

    So many great finds here! The lemon Rx bars sound amazing! And I’ve been looking for a good cauliflower pizza crust to try.

  5. 5.1.19

    I’ve never heard of Eno Rings, but they’re quite cute! I really like the pink one. To be honest, when I get married I’d much prefer a pink ring as I am NOT a fan of gold! 😅

  6. 5.1.19

    I seriously can’t believe May is here already. I love that dress you are wearing. So colorful. And Caulipower? Such a cute name and it sounds so yummy!

  7. 5.2.19

    So many great favorites. Loving those pink mules!

  8. 5.2.19

    I’m usually not a huge fan of bars, but those Rx bars are delish! That dress is so cute!

  9. 5.2.19
    Annaliese said:

    I love the cute dress you’re wearing! My favorite thing in April was my Swell water bottle- I ended up getting a second one since I used my other one every day.

    xoxo A

  10. 5.2.19
    Perri Nicholson said:

    Rx bars are delicious! The Banana Chocolate Walnut sounds so good. Also, I’m glad to hear that you are loving the tanning drops. I have been on the edge of buying them several times, and I think I’m going to do it.

  11. 5.2.19
    Katie Buller said:

    That dress is gorgeous – I love the colours in it so much! I love reading peoples April favourites posts for inspiration so thank you for sharing!

  12. 5.2.19

    Those pink mules are so cute! Mules are perfect for the spring!

  13. 5.2.19
    Alix Maza said:

    Sunglasses, sunglasses and more sunglasses!

  14. 5.2.19

    I like those gorgeous pink mules! So many things to find here, I love them all!

  15. 5.2.19
    Christa Del Giorno said:

    Omg, I’m obsessed with the pink + palm trend, too. Lol. Just redecorated my office area! 🌴

  16. 5.2.19

    This year ia seriously going by so fast. I legitimately can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the year! I’m so happy you mentioned zoodles. My boyfriend and I do meatless Mondays, and we have an Asian zoodle stir fry recipe that’s one of our favorites.

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