Kesha Cruise Highlight Video

Hellllo! Happy Monday…idk why I always say that. Mondays are not very happy, but we’re thinking positive!

Today is my first Kesha Cruise post. Obviously, last week I was on the Kesha Cruise, and I’ve learned a lot of people don’t actually know what I’m talking about when I say that. Let’s first clear up some things it is not. It is not the Fyre Festival…I will not be starring in a Netflix documentary in the near future. I mean a documentary would be super entertaining, but it was a legitimate experience. It was also not the name of the boat. Kesha, the performer, was actually present on the boat.

“Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride” was a music festival cruise hosted by Sixthman and Kesha. Kesha performed twice and also hosted a “Lip Sync for Your Life Boat” show, a black jack tournament, and a vow renewal. Kesha was joined by other artists and performers including: Jonathan Van Ness, Betty Who, Matt and Kim, Girl Talk, Detox, Bob The Drag Queen, Thorgy Thor, Wrabel, Superfruit, Big Freedia, and Kyle June Williams.

All of the artists performed and then also hosted another event like the Belly Flop Competition or a spin class or bingo. We sailed to the Bahamas and danced our little booties off the whole way there and back. Here is a little highlight video below:

It was truly the most incredible experience. I love music festivals because everyone is just being themselves and SO happy. I think it’s the best place to be in the world. I would live in a music festival if I were able to take naps and showers. This cruise in particular created a community of love. So. Much. Love. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

I’ll have more posts on the Kesha Cruise this week, but wanted to start off with my highlight video! Hope you enjoyed.

Have you ever been on a music festival cruise? Where did you go?


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  1. 2.25.19
    Beth Deyo said:

    Sounds like a good time. I also love music festivals, but have never been to one on a crusie. Looking forward to hearing more about it in future posts!

  2. 2.25.19
    Annaliese said:

    So fun!! I had no idea she was hosting a cruise. I’m sure cruises with your favorite artists are so much fun!!

    xoxo A

  3. 2.25.19

    How fun! Loved your video too! Looks like such a great trip!

  4. 2.25.19
    Stephanie said:

    It certainly looked like a lot of fun! I love so many of the performers and people who joined Kesha, so I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed myself plenty. Plus time in the sunshine sounds amazing right about now haha.

  5. 2.25.19
    Amanda K said:

    A Kesha Cruise would be awesome! I saw In concert and had front row seats and it was a blast!

  6. 2.26.19

    Well that sounds like a fun experience!

  7. 2.26.19
    Kelsie Kleinmeyer said:

    This looks so incredible! I love cruising and could use some spring right about now!

  8. 2.26.19

    That looks SO fun, Helen! I have been craving a cruise so badly but a Kesha cruise just sounds like a party!

  9. 2.26.19
    Holly said:

    This honestly looks like so much fun! I absolutely love the idea of a festival on a cruise ship!

  10. 2.26.19
    Sabina Patrascu said:

    Wow this looks great! You’re lucky you got to see Jonathan van Ness, he’s one of my favorite celebrities.


  11. 2.26.19

    I wish I could go on the Kesha cruise. It sounded so amazing, and I love her! I can’t wait to see your other posts and hear more about your experience!

  12. 2.26.19
    Christa Del Giorno said:

    This looks like so much fun! I love Jonathan Van Ness. And all on a cruise? So cool.

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