The Best Gift That Keeps on Giving

Hello friends! It’s Monday and I’m on a boat!

Today’s post is short and sweet because it’s coming to you from a cruise ship. My sister and I are on the Kesha Cruise for the week.

Today I want to share my favorite gift to give! I’m talking about Nora Fleming. This company sells serving platters and hosting pieces that all match. These pieces include serving platters and dishes, salt and pepper shakers, egg plates, napkin holders, butter dishes and more. They are all a lovely white piece with a pearl pattern and has a small hole. The holes are there to hold minis.

Minis are small ornaments that have a plastic tip on the end. You insert the tip into the hole and you are able to change the entire look of the piece. There are hundreds of little minis to choose from. You can further check out my explanation of these in the video below.

This is a great gift because you can give someone the piece for Christmas or their birthday or their wedding. THEN you have the perfect gift to give them going forward. You can pick minis for hostess gifts or stocking stuffers, or you can put together a bundle for a larger gift.

Check out my entire video below on Nora Fleming and all of the pieces I already own.

Do you have any Nora Fleming pieces? What’s your favorite gift to give?




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