2018 Gift Guide: Last Minute Ideas

Ok people! It’s crunch time and time for a last minute gift guide. There are only a few days left til Christmas, but I’ve got you covered, because this list is made up of items you can PRIME!! Yay! Here comes Amazon. Here comes Amazon. Right down my drivewayyyy.

That means if you have Amazon Prime, all of these gifts will get here before Christmas. Amazon is so nice and kind and gives you a little green line in the description that will tell you if your purchase will get here before Christmas. So I used that and pulled some of my favorite items for the season!

Now some of these things have already been featured in other gift guides, but I wanted to let you know that they can get here super quickly. Some are new items we haven’t talked about yet. Either way, let’s dive in!

last minute gift guide

Clarisonic Mia 4-Piece Set – I’ve ranted and raved about my Clarisonic Mia before, but I love that they put together this holiday set for Christmas!
Dog DNA Test – I’m dying to DNA test my sweet Molly girl. I want to know what she is so badly. I’m thinking Christmas may be the perfect time.
Echo 2nd Generation – We have not 1 but 2 Amazon Echos in our house. We have one in the kitchen and one in our home gym in case Stephen gets stuck under the bar. I can’t recommend an Echo enough.
Coravin System – I’ve now mentioned this three times. I think it is SO cool and it is definitely at the top of my list.
Studded Leather Pumps – Are these not the best Valentino dupes? Instead of paying a mortgage for them, these are only $113.99! Read the reviews..people LOVE them.
Hydro Flask – My New Year’s Resolution is to drink more water and this Hydro Flask is how I’m going to do it. It keeps your water freezing cold.
Double Pom Beanie – Ok this is just adorable.
Kate Spade Stud Earrings – I’ve mentioned these before too. I think they would be the cutest stocking stuffer.
Gold Mirror Tray – Is this tray not gorgeous! I love the detail.
Smoke-less Indoor Grill – This would be perfect for someone who lives in an apartment or somewhere that doesn’t allow grills. This is a smoke-less indoor grill!
Kate Spade Triple Wallet Sticker – Perfect for the person trying to minimize the clutter in their purse. This cute scallop sticker goes on the back of your phone and holds your cards.
UGG Cable Knit Socks – Omg these are so cozy.
Faux Fur Blanket – A blanket is the perfect gift for everyone! This faux fur blanket is perfect for cuddling up during the winter months.
Alex and Ani Crystal Dog Bangle – For the person who just love love loves their dog. This sweet crystal dog bangle is perfect! It’s a new piece for winter 2018.
Smoked Spices Gift Set – There are actually three versions of this set: the smoked spices, all-star bbq, and grilling spices.

There we have it! Happy last-minute shopping!




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  1. 12.17.18
    Jheelam Duttaroy said:

    The double pom beanie and the stud earrings are two die for. Dog DNA testing kit is a thing right now? Wow, I must be living under some rock. 😀 Totally loved your list. Amazon Prime sounds like heaven.

  2. 12.17.18

    Oh my, we just needed one more gift for my brother-in-law and the spice set would be perfect! He loves to grill and cook with his wife. I love that these are delivered quickly too!

  3. 12.17.18
    Laura said:

    Oh my gosh, I want all of these gifts! I NEVER would of thought to add a dog DNA test to the list, but that’s something I actually want to do! thanks babe!

  4. 12.17.18
    Live More said:

    That UGG socks are amazinggg!!!!

  5. 12.17.18
    Mistle said:

    So many amazing gifts to pick from!! I love those studded heels! That MIA system would be a great buy for so many women in my family. That doggie DNA kit intrigues me like crazy!!! Love this round up!

  6. 12.17.18
    Stephanie said:

    Amazon is always my go-to place for Christmas shopping! I think I did 99% of it there this year haha! Great gift ideas 🙂

  7. 12.17.18

    can I just have all the pink stuff?? really cute guide!

  8. 12.17.18

    I’m still working on my list to give and hope to get. Thanks for these great ideas!

  9. 12.18.18

    I wish I didn’t need these ideas, but i TOTALLY do! Every year I tell myself I am not going to wait until last minute… and here I am again. The BBQ spices are the perfect idea for my father! Thank you!

  10. 12.18.18

    How adorable is the beanie with ears?! I love all the cozy choices you shared!

  11. 12.18.18

    Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! Haha!

  12. 12.19.18

    I saw that indoor smokeless grill on Oprah’s Favorite Things and have been wanting it! These are all great ideas!!

  13. 12.19.18

    Oh some of these are SO cute!! I love all of your choices – I totally want a HydroFlask for that same reason!

  14. 12.19.18

    The Clarisonic is such a great gift. I have two that have lasted me for years and are still going strong!

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