Anniversary Q & A with Hubbs

Happy Monday! This might be my favorite Monday ever because Stephen and I got married two years ago today. They say the first two years of marriage are the hardest…if that’s true, we’re going to be fine.

I love being married to Stephen. He truly and honestly is the greatest, not only husband, but human in the world. I truly feel like it is such a privilege to be married to him. What we show on social media isn’t fake. I genuinely love him that much. I wouldn’t lie to you.

You guys like him too. Posts and stories with him get the most engagement (um the story of him and the cat was my most popular story ever.) When I do the question thing on Instagram, a lot of questions are about him. SO today, I thought it would be fun to have a Hubbs-Only Q&A.

I did the question story requesting questions for only him, and y’all delivered. There are some really good questions in here. He has agreed to answer them all because he’s as great as I say he is. So here we go!

What is the best present(s) you’ve ever been given? I need ideas for my significant other.
-Since we’re talking significant others specifically, I’ll focus on the best things Helen gave me (because Helen hasn’t bought me a car yet!) To be honest, she’s given me a lot of great gifts, but I’ll focus on two. The first is the watch she gave me for my wedding gift. I’m not always a watch guy, but I enjoy the look of a leather-band watch with a suit. I feel like it adds something extra. The second is the one that I tell people about all the time. She got me a globe with a hidden bar inside and I feel like James Bond when I use it.

As a guy, what’s your favorite thing to do for date night?
-I love to play mini-golf. It’s always fun but not always available in every area. If I could mix beer and mini-golf, that would be my perfect date night, but I haven’t found a place that does both yet. I also just like dinner and chatting.

How do you like your new job?
-I’m enjoying it! I really like the new place I work.

What’s your favorite beer?
-Since it’s fall, I love Clawhammer from Highland Brewing. It’s my number one Octoberfest style beer. I can’t find it right now so if anyone has a hook-up, please send me some. Another one I like that I’ve found recently is Terrapin at The Battery made a “Choptober” lager that is delicious. When it’s not fall, my other favorites are Junipa from Second Self Brewing and Cold Snap from Sam Adams. I also like Tropicalia.

How did you and Helen meet?
-My version of this is: I was at TJ MAXX shopping with my parents who came to visit in college, when I got a phone call from a friend asking if I wanted to go to a party that night. Of course, I said yes. My parents left, my friend came over and made me a tequila and Gatorade (it was the worst drink I’ve ever had), and then I got a few details about the person I was apparently going to the party with. Not many. All I knew was she was a girl and her name was Helen. So we walked into this random person’s apartment and hung out with everyone else who was there except “Helen” because she was still getting ready for 30 more minutes. When she finally came out, she gave me some blue and red beads because we were supposed to be dressed like the 4th of July. She probably found them in the back of her closet, but it’s the thought that counts. Then the rest is history.

Can I get that $20 you owe me?
-I know who wrote this and I don’t know why you keep asking me. I don’t owe you money lol.

Do you take Helen’s blog pictures? What advice do you have for Husbands who take their wives photos?
-Yeah, I take most of them. Best advice: always take it vertical so you get the whole outfit. Also, pick up on what photography style she likes so you can help her and a. you aren’t out there longer than you need to be and b. she likes the end result.

Do you and Helen want kids?
-Yeah, they’ll be great for yard work.

What’s your diet/exercise routine? 

-At my heaviest I was 260 pounds and I got down to about 187 for the wedding. Now I’m a happy 192. Before the wedding I was super strict. I ate overnight oats and a banana for breakfast, had raw broccoli for a mid-morning snack. Then for lunch I would switch it up between brown rice and whole wheat pasta with a dry-rub seasoned chicken breast and a salad with vinaigrette dressing. My second snack of the day was fruit–I would mix it up so I didn’t get bored. Pineapple is my favorite but eventually it cuts your mouth because it’s so sour. Dinner would always be something small like a carbs or sugar. After the wedding, I had no desire to maintain that. Currently though, I eat all of my food around lunchtime and try to choose healthier options. Most of the time I don’t eat dinner, so I guess you could say I do intermediate fasting.

Pre-wedding exercise I used to do cardio and/or strength training six days a week. Currently, I play rugby which satisfies both cardio and strength. I also mix in High-Intensity workouts. By that I mean super-setting all my workouts. For example, do a set of chest, followed by up-downs to keep the heart rate up so you continuously sweat.

When did you know Helen was the one?
-Someone asked me randomly once, and I answered yes without thinking about it. I guess that’s when it clicked. I realized I loved her though when I came to visit her family for the first time and she drove me around her town talking about her life. After that it was just more and more that we didn’t have to change to be in each other’s lives. We just fit and became better together. One of the biggest things for me was realizing we didn’t have to hide who we are. We can be ourselves and say anything without judgement.

Were you nervous to propose?
-Oh 100%. The hardest part was not being able to contact our friends who were taking pictures (shout out Emilee and Tony!) I’ve always heard that pictures are not mandatory but appreciated, so it was great to have them. Emilee and Tony really went above and beyond by taking pictures and a video AND brought us champagne. The biggest thing about proposing is neither one of you will remember what you said, just don’t drop the ring.

Why is your fantasy football team so bad?
-I also know who asked this and I beat you this year. Don’t flex on me.

There we go! Did you guys like Hubss Q & A? Lol I love having him on the blog, and he said this was fun. I’m going to work out more ways to feature him.

For a little nostalgia, check out our wedding video below! Have an awesome Monday!


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  1. 10.22.18
    Chelsea Peyton Moore said:

    This is such a great idea. I’d love to see a post like this from you guys every year to see what’s changed!

  2. 10.22.18

    Aw happy anniversary to you both! Such a cute couple! I love this idea and might have to get my hubs to fill out a questionnaire for our wedding anniversary next year. 🙂

  3. 10.22.18

    Happy anniversary!! Y’all seriously are the cutest. You didn’t even have to say that your love for him is real because honestly you can see it all of over y’all’s faces.

  4. 10.22.18

    Happy Anniversary! I love this post! What a nice way to celebrate your wonderful marriage.

  5. 10.22.18

    Congratulations on two years of marriage, these questions and responses are so sweet, you two radiate love for one another. I watched your wedding video and it was so beautiful, you can see so much love in your eyes!

  6. 10.23.18
    Amanda K said:

    Congratulations on 2 years! I loved youyr Q&A.

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