How to Prevent Lip Lines When You Can’t Live Without a Straw

Alright I know straws are a smidge taboo right now. So let me START this post with these perfect reusable straws for less than $8. Put a few in in your car, a few in your silverware drawer, and one in your purse. I think sea turtles are adorable and should totally be protected. I feel the same way about this that I do about cutting up my plastic Diet Coke plastic can holders. It’s something I hardcore remember from elementary school–isn’t it funny how things stick with us?

Ok, now that we have addressed that–I can’t drink without a straw. I don’t know if that’s growing up in the south, being a total diva, or what but I can’t stand to drink without a straw. It hurts my teeth and I’m not even trying to stain my pearly whites, so I always have a straw readily available. The downside to this is that I am more prone to fine lines and wrinkles around my lips. Wompity womp womp.

Not to mention, Kylie Jenner got rid of her fillers so apparently natural lips are back in. Might as well take care of them!

You guys know I’m all about prevention–hello Botox, collagen, and like half the blog posts I have written. So today I want to focus on lip line prevention. Here are my favorite tips to prevent lip lines.

1) Use SPF on your lips! It’s so easy to remember to put SPF on your face and body, but don’t forget your lips! I like this lip treatment from Almay to sneak in some SPF.

2) Don’t touch your face and sleep on your back. Pulling and stretching your skin causes wrinkles and fine lines. If you sleep on your stomach, your face is squished and pulled while you sleep. Sleep on your back to help prevent any movement.

3) Hydrate. I feel like hydrating is always a good idea. Drinking water basically helps all of your body’s functions including preventing lip lines.

4) Use a lip serum. This is the liquid gold of lip serums. Holy moly–it made my lips look fuller almost instantly! I swear it’s magic and totally worth the purchase. It’s a collagen treatment to help plump your lips and smooth out the lines. I’m obsessed with this product.

5) Use natural remedies. Cinnamon can help increase blood flow to your lips. Also eating foods that are high in antioxidants also help prevent lines and wrinkles–not just to your lips but everywhere!

What are your favorite tips to prevent lip lines and wrinkles? Do you have a reusable straw?



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  1. 7.20.18
    Laura said:

    YES TO THIS POST I was just wondering about this just his morning especially because Starbucks is removing straws!!!!! This is EXCELLENT

  2. 7.20.18
    aisasami said:

    I love this post, especially the Cinnamon tip. I didn’t know about that!

  3. 7.20.18

    Ooooo I don’t think I’ve ever tried a lip serum before, but now I’ve got to!

  4. 7.20.18

    Those products sound amazing!! P.S. I loveee stainless steel straws!!

  5. 7.20.18
    Adriana said:

    These are great tips! Having SPF on your lips is soo important!

  6. 7.21.18
    Melissa Marie said:

    I never thought about it but maybe I should because my mom has some major lip wrinkles. Thanks for the tips!

  7. 7.23.18

    This is so smart…I NEVER thought twice about lip lines coming from straws! Yikes!

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