How to Get Ready Faster After a Workout

This post is sponsored by Degree Women but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Is there anything worse than having to get ready after a workout? Oh wait, yes there is…Mondays. Happy Monday guys!

Ok really though, how hard is it to get ready after a workout? You’re hot, you’re sweaty, showering is a task, re-doing your hair after a shower is even more of a task. It’s just hard.

I realize I’m being totally whiny right now, but getting ready is one of my least favorite things to do. One of my dreams is to have my own glam squad who travels with me so I don’t have to do anything. One day, one day.

Anywhooo, there are ways to get ready after a workout that are quick and easy, but still allow you to look polished and put together. These are great for the early morning workouts when you have to go to work immediately after and don’t always have time for a shower. Here are a few of my fave tips.

1. Dry shampoo is your friend – Depending on how hard your workout was, dry shampoo and a bun or fun pony could be the perfect solution.  Also fun tip, if you dry shampoo before you work up a sweat that will help increase the odds of not needing a shower.

2. Pack the bare minimum – I don’t want to pack my ENTIRE make-up and skin care collection every time I go to the gym. I also don’t want to buy two of everything, so I pack a few of the bare minimum items. Remember that time I talked about lash and brow tint? Having those saves me plenty of time because I don’t need mascara or brow fill. A little foundation and powder and I’m good to go.

3. Put your phone down – I don’t know about you, but nothing takes up more of my time while I get ready than checking my email, DMs, and text messages. Put it down and focus on getting ready.

4. Use blotting pads – Use these to blot away excess oil so you can streamline your minimal make-up routine!

5. Use Degree UltraClear Black + White Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray – I stay hot a long time after I work out so this antiperspirant spray from Degree at Walmart. It’s the perfect spray to keep you dry AND it keeps your white clothes white and your black clothes black. I basically only wear black and white to work (or ever!) so this spray was made for me. There are no yellow-on-white or white-on-black marks and I am living for it!

This spray goes on clear and provides up to 48 hours of protection from odor and wetness. The secret is the motion sense technology releases bursts of extra protection whenever you move. It’s also dermatologist-tested and alcohol free.

It’s fabulous because I instantly feel cleaner and dryer, which is exactly what I want after a workout! Be sure to check it out at Walmart!

What’s your favorite tip to get ready after a workout? Have you tried Degree UltraClear Black + White Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray?


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  1. 7.2.18
    Miss ALK said:

    Dry shampoo is life! Especially after working out. These are good tips!

    xoxo A

  2. 7.2.18
    Lacy Blanchard Ngo said:

    I have been looking for something like this. I pinned it to my “I want to buy that” pinterest board

  3. 7.2.18

    I JUST found a studio near my office that has classes that totally work as breaks from work so that I can run out, get a workout in, and come back. These tips came RIGHT on time.

  4. 7.2.18
    Linh Vo said:

    Haha I love your workout bag! I haven’t tried this brand yet, but will make a note to try it the next time we go shopping

  5. 7.2.18
    Beau-tee Mail said:

    Hey, thanks for this tips they are quite helpful. Bookmarking this for later

  6. 7.2.18
    Nicole Gilbert said:

    Blotting paper and dry shampoo for the win!! Key for post-workout as well as when mommin’ ain’t easy!

  7. 7.3.18
    Patricia @ Grab a Plate said:

    Oh, dry shampoo and blotting papers are lifesavers, for sure! I HATE drying my hair more than anything – I’m with you: hoping for a glam squad one day 🙂

  8. 7.3.18

    This is literally my favorite deodorant right now haha I just picked it up (for this campaign haha) and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s so good. And I completely agree with everything else on your list as well. I too pack the bare minimum haha just enough to freshen up and not make me feel so icky lol

  9. 7.3.18
    Alix Maza said:

    I need to add this to my shopping list! I always shower after a workout, but it takes FOREVER to dry my hair.

  10. 7.3.18

    I hate getting ready after a workout, haha! Especially because right now I have work until 5 and then rehearsal at 7 and try to get a workout in in between. Doesn’t leave much time, so dry shampoo has been a lifesaver!

  11. 7.3.18

    Dry shampoo is my LIFE. And spray antiperspirants are great whene you don’t wanna put your stick all over sweaty pits! Ha!

  12. 7.3.18

    I love spray on deordorant! I feel that it works much better!

  13. 7.3.18

    I haven’t tried this deodorant — I used to always carry a spray deo with me. Need to start doing so again.

  14. 7.3.18
    Adriana said:

    That deodorant sounds amazing! I need to try it out! Love your picks!

  15. 7.4.18
    Jenny said:

    Oh I so need to try this deodorant! Can you believe I haven’t tried any spray deodorant before?

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