Let’s Talk About Colonics

I’m not even sure how to start this post so I’m just going to say it.

OMG you guys, I got a colonic.

For what, you ask? No other reason than I am a blogger and think it’s important to try out lots of different things and report back to you. I write a lot of wellness posts and this is definitely a wellness service.

Let me start by saying, it was not a scary as I had built it up in my head. Not even close. I went to Clean Start Johns Creek and they were amazing. ALSO if you go for a visit and use my name, you can get $10 off your service. More on all of this in a minute.

I’m pretty brave when a blog post is at stake. I put needles in my forehead, go to parties alone, and sugar my lady parts. However, a tube in my butt was the thing that finally pushed me over the edge. I was real nervous. REAL nervous lol.

The number one question I’ve gotten from the people who knew that I went was “does it hurt.” Answer: it does not. There is a little bloating and cramping, but nothing painful. And the benefits definitely outweigh the awkwardness. I have SO much energy post-colonic it’s insane. Plus I just feel good–like I want to eat vegetables or do a juice cleanse.

Like I said though, Clean Start Johns Creek was amazing. I went to see Nicole who is a licensed Colon Hydrotherapist. (Fun fact: you don’t have to be licensed in some states, so you might want to check before you go. This is not really a decision you want to make from a Groupon!) Nicole walked me through the entire process, answered ALL my incessant questions, and could not be nicer to help calm the nerves. As a side note, I think she is super interesting and fun to talk to. I want to be her friend. Meet Nicole!

So I’m going to let Nicole and Clean Start’s literature help with the rest of this post. Let’s do it question and answer style.

-What is the colonic procedure? 

A colonic is a procedure that cleans out your colon or large intestine (large bowel). At Clean Start, they use a system called “Angel of Water.” It is a complete machine that you are slightly reclined at a relaxing 45-degree angle. A small disposable nozzle is attached on the inside of the seat and is inserted into the rectum. This process is the most effective and modern way to cleanse the colon. Once the nozzle is inserted, the gravity flow of water is started.  8 gallons of filtered, sterilized and PH balanced water is used throughout the 45min session. When the water starts to flow in you, you feel your body start to “go to the bathroom” or you will feel stimulated enough to move your bowels. You do just that. The water and waste product will come right out.

-How long does it take?

It can take 30-45 minutes but each client is booked for an hour in case it takes longer.

What should I do to prepare? 

Eat light meals the day before an appointment–soup, salads, fruits and vegetables. Avoid meat, breads, alcohol and coffee. Stop eating two hours before the appointment. Also, drink a gallon in the 24 hours before your appointment.

-What should I do after the appointment? 

Eat very light soft meals after the appointment. It’s also best to keep a free schedule.

-How often should I get a colonic?

Nicole said typically her patients come in once a month. Clean Start offers a monthly member program so that is part of it, but also monthly colonics help keep things regular.

-What are the benefits?

Colon Hydrotherapy removes stuck on fecal matter, gas, bacteria, and mucus. This allows nutrients to be absorbed easier and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. A happy digestive tract makes for a happy life. When the body is overloaded with toxins and waste, the body will function at a lower functioning rate.

Check out this awesome article from Clean Start outlining the benefits.

So now that the Q&A part is wrapped up, I have a few more things I want to touch on from my personal experience.

1-the whole thing is very discreet. You are covered the entire time and kind of sitting on a strange couch. Really. You’re covered.

2-I would wait 2 days before eating anything really heavy. I made the mistake of going to a big dinner the day after my appointment (like 28 hours later) and I definitely regret that decision. I wish I had stuck to salads and soups.

3-I WILL be going again 🙂 I feel so freaking good after my appointment. I have so much energy and feel light and cleansed. Go to Clean Start Johns Creek and you will feel the same.

4-This won’t be the last time you see Clean Start on my blog because a colonic was not the only service I did. Wink wink. Clean Start has a ton of services including: infrared saunas, facials, foot detox, V-steams, acupressure massages, and more. Don’t forget if you go for a visit, use my name and get $10 off your service.

Do you have any more questions? Have you ever had a colonic?


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  1. 6.18.18
    Alison Sullivan said:

    I’ll be honest, I am scared but actually intrigued by this! Especially since I had terrible stomach pains last night lol It’s so great you enjoyed it! I will definitely be doing more research – I want to make sure this doesn’t destroy all the good bacteria too lol

    • 6.18.18

      I actually asked about this too! As long as you take a probiotic afterword you will be totally fine. I take probiotics everyday just for good gut health, but if you take one after your service there is no need to worry. 🙂

  2. 6.18.18
    Alix Maza said:

    I would be scared to do this, but you made it sound bearable! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • 6.19.18

      I was SOOOOO scared. It really wasn’t bad and, dare I even say, kind of relaxing.

  3. 6.19.18

    WHOA I did not know this was a thing…you are BRAVE, girl!!! Anything for the blog…you go girl. Now I need tod o some research around here!

  4. 6.19.18

    I just had mine for the first time too!! SO WEIRD!!! I didn’t really like it at all and felt super weird. I think I would’ve felt better in a setting like this, the place I went was kind of dark and colorful and it just wasn’t relaxing so I was anxious AF the entire time. The hubs did one too and wasn’t a fan lol

    • 6.19.18

      I love when other people do things at the same time as me so we can relate! Do you know if yours was an open or closed system? Clean Start was very spa-like so I was actually kind of relaxed. If you try it again with another location I would love to hear if you like it better or feel differently. (P.S. If you ever pop over to Miami there is a Clean Start location there!)

      • 6.20.18

        pretty sure it was closed? it was like a silver box that looks like a fish tank you’d see in a high end spa lol

  5. 6.19.18
    Alex said:

    This place isn’t too far from my house, so maybe I’ll check it out! I have wanted to try one of these since the trend was huge, but I never did!

    • 6.19.18

      OH MY GOSH! You live so close to me! Let’s be friends?? I definitely recommend going to Clean Start and don’t forget you can get $10 off if you use my name!

  6. 6.20.18
    Valerie said:

    Wow, thanks for sharing! I’ve always wondered about this process but have been too nervous to ask!

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