How to get longer fuller lashes without wearing false ones

Happy Monday! Today we’re talking about one of my favorite things–lashes! Some girls are all about the lips, some are about the eyebrows, but I’m all about the lashes. I concentrate my efforts on having really full long lashes. So today, I want to share the products I use and my tips and tricks for getting big lashes!

full long lashes

First things first, let’s talk about how I care for my lashes. I treat each individual one like my children. The number 1 thing I do is AVOID RUBBING! I am a face-toucher. I work all day with my chin in my hand and when I’m tired, I rub my eyes. Like not just a little..I rub until I see stars lol. Idk if feel like I’m accomplishing something or waking myself up, but it’s not good for your eyes and DEFINITELY not for your lashes. Pulls them right out.

So over the past year, I’ve worked really hard to stop doing that lol. I actually don’t touch my lashes at all. I don’t pick my mascara and I definitely don’t rub my eyes. In fact, when I take my mascara off I don’t rub. When I take my make-up off, I use a remover wipe and gently wipe from root to tip. I don’t rub side to side ever.

After I take my make-up off, I use Lash Boost. This is a Rodan and Fields product that I just love. This serum helps you lashes grow fuller and longer. It also darkens them (which I love since mine are blonde.) It’s the best product ever. I don’t sell Rodan and Fields, but my pal Brina does and can hook you up if you’re interested!

Ok, so let’s talk about the mascara I use. I actually use three…it’s a bit excessive I know lol. I start with this one from Pur. I do a generous base coat and let it dry. Then I follow up with Better Than Sex. These are both fabulous mascaras on their own, but when combined–it’s perfection.

Then I finally comb through with a quick swipe of Great Lash. Yep, everyone’s first mascara from high school. I don’t care what you say, that’s the best brush of all time. So I use it to remove and clumps and separate my lashes.

Ok here is a new tip I learned this weekend from my pal Traci. I’ve done it exactly twice so take this with a grain of salt, but y’all this is a GAME CHANGER. So it’s now permanently part of my routine. In between each coat, I dip a cotton swab in water and then in baby powder. I brush the swab on my lashes and I swear the effects are pure magic. Trust me, try it. You lashes look SO thick with this trick.

Finally, I use an eyelash curler. You have to be super duper careful with this because you don’t want to lose any. I actually heat mine up with my hair dryer first. I test the temp on my wrist so I don’t singe them off lol, and then clamp gently on my lashes for 10 seconds.

So there ya have it–that’s how I get full, long lashes on a daily basis. What’s your favorite lash technique?




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  1. 5.21.18
    Ashley Stephenson said:

    I use a few different mascaras during my process too but I use the Better than Sex mascara and love it!!

  2. 5.21.18

    I’ve been contemplating getting a lash serum for a while and seeing your review makes me want to get one even more! I usually use the Loreal voluminous primer as a base layer and then to top if off I use the Lash Paradise and it really gives me the look of falsies as well! 🙂

  3. 5.21.18

    Sounds like a great product to check out!

  4. 5.21.18

    Such great tips! The baby powder trick is great for really building up the thickness of the lashes and you’re so right- the great lash mascara has the best wand ever!

  5. 5.21.18

    I was literally just researching products for my eyelashes today!! I’ll have to try out Rodan & Fields. 🙂 I’m also so bad about running my eyes and rubbing off the mascara with my wipes. I’ll definitely work on being better about that! I’m obsessed with my better than sex mascara, so let’s hope after a little extra care, I’ll have new and improved lashes!

  6. 5.21.18
    Karli Ellis said:

    I have that lash boost and it is amazing! Your eyelashes look great too!

  7. 5.21.18
    Alix Maza said:

    I really should focus on my lashes more. Mine are so stubborn and straight so I tend to just slap mascara on and go.

  8. 5.21.18

    Great tips! I will be giving this a try. I’ve tried using two different mascaras, but I’m going to try doing three. I try not to rub my eyes too, especially when I do have mascara now. I’ll also have to try the baby powder tip too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. 5.21.18
    Adriana said:

    Such great tips! My problem is keeping my lashes curled long-term; a regular curler doesn’t always do the trick for some reason!

  10. 5.22.18
    Elisa Grzybowski said:

    This is a great post! I needed these tips cause fake eyelashes are not my friend. Hahah. I can’t open my eyes with them on which doesn’t seem worth it to me. L

  11. 5.22.18
    Courtney Heathcock said:

    I’ve heard about this mascara so many times before, I think it’s time I finally try it out! I have pretty long lashes, my problem is they fall out..

  12. 5.22.18
    Amanda K said:

    The Better Than Sex Mascara is awesome – I use it every day!

  13. 5.22.18

    omg I used to be OBSESSED with Better Than Sex mascara! I’m trying Glossier’s Lash Slick now and I’m liking how natural it looks

  14. 5.22.18

    OK have you heard the new rumors/lawsuits about Lash Boost/?? I was using it too and heard that and am now suuuuper apprehensive…I wanna know what’s up!!

  15. 5.22.18
    Melissa Marie said:

    I have never heard the baby powder trick and now I’m curious. Do you prefer mascara that’s not waterproof? I find that it clumps too much.

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