5 Rom Coms You Need To Be Watching On Netflix

To be honest, today’s post is a little light but super fun. I’m a crazy person. I’m trying to get ready to leave town for Charleston Fashion Week (which includes a lot of outfit planning), I have a big fun project right when I get back from CFW (which requires organizational planning), not to mention I have to go to actual work. Needless to say, today we’re talking about Netflix.

I consider myself a Netflix connoisseur. I am well-versed in the current Netflix selection. Quite honestly, there are so many excellent shows and movies to choose from right now. So for today, I’m focusing on lesser-known Rom Coms. Obviously, I love me some How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, but I wanted to focus on some maybe you haven’t seen.

Here are my favesss.


1. When We First Met – This is my current favorite. It is a Netflix special has Adam DeVine (who is Bumper from Pitch Perfect.) He meets his dream girl at a Halloween party and serves as her best friend, however he’s really in love with her. The night of her engagement party to another man, he discovers a way to travel back in time and attempts to win her over. It’s hilarious and I just love, love, love this movie. I watch it ALL the time.

2. Drinking Buddies – This one has kind of an indie-vibe too, but it has some big ringers like Anna Kendrick. Olivia Wilde, and Jake Johnson. Basically two co-workers are both dating other people, but they’re kind of best friends who are also attracted to each other. They just kind of ignore it though. Anyways it’s cute, I like it.

3. Sleeping With Other People – This was a recommendation from my brother. I doooo typically ignore recommendations from him because his taste is interesting, but I really loved this movie. It stars Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie. Basically, they have a one night stand, and then 12 years later run into each other and decide to be friends. I love this one too. It’s very very funny!

4. I Give It A Year – This one stars Rose Byrne. A man and a woman get married way to fast and the perfect marriage they envisioned unravels very quickly. It sounds bad, but it’s very good.

5. Playing It Cool – This one stars Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan. He’s working on a script for a romantic movie, but is bad at love. Then he meets her and falls in love, butttt she’s engaged to someone else. It’s very cute too.

Alright, those are my picks for this light blog post on a Monday.

What are you loving on Netflix right now??

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  • Ashley Stephenson

    I am always looking for movies to watch on Netflix! I will make note of these!!

  • I love rom-coms and have my tried and true faves but sometimes I want to watch something new! When We First Met and Drinking Buddies sound really good. I’ll check them out soon!

  • eek! i need to get on this ha. 🙂

  • I love Playing It Cool (but I’m totally endeared by Chris Evans so that’s not a surprise) I have When We First Met on my to watch list so I’m glad to hear people are enjoying it.

  • I’m not sure all of these are available in Europe. When we First Met is available for sure. I haven’t watched any comedy lately – only super hero stuff – so thanks for he reminder!

  • I think i’ve seen all of these!! I loveddd #1!! I also just watched “f the prom” horribly offensive, absolutely wonderful if you’re okay with a non-PC and over the top cheese haha

  • I love Netflix, I’m going to have to check out “I Give It A Year” – it sounds like something I’ll really enjoy!

  • LOVED When We First Met! It was so darn cute, and definitely is a reminder that things happen for a reason. I need to look into Playing it Cool because that also sounds like a cute movie, too! Loved your picks here and thanks for sharing!

  • I just watched “When We First Met” and it was so cute!

  • Kristen Jones

    I’ll have to add these to my list! I just watched “When We First Met” the other night and I loved it!! Playing it Cool sounds really good–I’ll have to watch that one first!

  • I really loved When We First Met! So much more than a standard romcom – it definitely put life into a new perspective!

  • La Shell Reid

    I’ve never seen (or heard about) any of these. I’m always on the hunt for something on netflix to watch, so will give these a shot!

  • I saw parts of “When We First Met” but didn’t get to finish it. Need to do so.

  • I just watched When We First Met! It was cute and such a fun rom com to watch!

  • Totally gonna check some of these out because I have never heard of them before! Have fun at CFW!

  • The only one of these I’ve watched is Drinking Buddies. The rest of these sound great, especially that first one! I need to check them out.

  • I clicked on this post assuming I would have seen most of the shows listed, but it turns out I haven’t seen any! To be honest I’m still making my way through older shows that I should have watched years ago (Gossip Girl and The Office are the two I’m currently into!), but once I’ve got them out the way, I’ll definitely start on these!

  • HOW have I seen literally NONE of these?!?! OMG. Clearly I need some solid Netflix time!

  • Taylor Smith

    Ok I have seen none of these which is crazy so planning a Netflix weekend.

  • I just watched When We First Met and laughed my butt off!! I loved it! I’ll have to check these other ones out!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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