5 Ways to Organize Your Blog Business

Do you love organizing as much as I do? I am all about files, stickies, lists, folders, binders, calendars, spreadsheets, and more! My little bloggy blog has gone through some changes lately, and it’s time to really get serious and organized. Y’all would crack up if you saw my folders on my computer. They are organized to the absolute most granular level–for example, I am working with a brand on a giveaway, and this is the path to get to one document: Hel On Heels – 2018 – March – Brand Name- Giveaway – Contracts – Guidelines – Doc I actually need.

It’s hilarious because the files on my computer are pristine, yet every pair of shoes I’ve worn in the past two weeks are strewn around my house lol. I’m so organized at both my full-time job and my blog, but I am a hot mess when it comes to my room or my car. Oh well, we can’t all be perfect.

Anyways, because my blog is going through so many changes and I’m working with a lot more brands and partnerships, I wanted to share today about how I’m staying organized with my little baby business. Here are five things that are keeping me sane!

  1. Income ReportΒ – this is something new I’m starting this year. I’ve learned it’s actually really helpful to know how much money you are making. Like duh, Hel. In the past I have kind of just kept a running tally since most of my income in the past has come through networks and they send you a 1099. However, since I’m getting more serious about my blog, I needed to get more serious about my tracking as well. So I have a 2018 spreadsheet with a tab for each month and then an overall tab for 2018. On the monthly tab, I have it broken down by campaign earnings that have been deposited, campaign earnings that have been approved but won’t be deposited until post 30 or whatever, and campaign earnings that have been transferred but haven’t made it to my bank account due to a non-business day or whatever. Of course, I color code the crap out of it. The overall 2018 sheet has a table with every month of 2018 down the left hand side. Then I have a column for deposited (money that has actually hit my bank account), expected (money that I anticipate will hit my bank account that month), approved (campaigns that were approved that month but won’t pay out until later), and product amount (value of the products I have been sent.) This report has been life changing. I always know where Hel On Heels is financially.
  2. Paper files – Yeah, I’m old school like that. I have a hanging file where I keep important documents. I print all of my contracts and invoices. That way if my computer ever crashes or I get hacked or something happens, I have an extra copy. I also save my invoices on files on my computer as well.
  3. Editorial Calendar – So I have always kind of used one of these. Usually an electronic version, but honestly I would think of a brilliant idea while I was out and about and forget it by the time I get home to add it to the calendar. Now I solely have a physical planner just for my editorial calendar. It lives in my purse and when I think of something I want to do, I whip it out and write it down on the date I want to schedule that post. Is it the cleanest way to plan, no? Have you seen a lot more content on Hel On Heels in 2018? You betcha. This is all due to my cute little Kate Spade editorial calendar. I use it to plan everything including blog posts, social media, and brand pitches.
  4. Goals and Visions – Maybe it’s cheesy, but I have goals and visions for 2018 that are keeping me more organized, focused, and driven than I’ve ever been. I have goals for the year, I have goals for the month, I have goals for the week, I have goals for the day, and even hour lol. All of these goals are helping me achieve my overarching vision for Hel On Heels. They are all written down and in my face every day. When I reach some of the big milestone goals, I have rewards in place. All of this combined is keeping me a lean, mean, organized machine.
  5. TA-DA Lists – I call my to-do lists “TA-DA” lists so that way when you check something off you can say “TAAA-DAAA!” haha it’s the little things people. Anyways, I definitely like written lists so I have the satisfaction of crossing things off, but I also love love love Trello.Β This is an online program to keep your “TA-DA” lists organized. I keep three categories — “to do”, “doing”, and “TA-DA!” Obviously the tasks that need to be done are in the “to do” column, the task I’m currently working on is in the “doing” column, and when I’m finished the task gets plopped in the “TA-DA” column. I really like this program a lot.

Whew, we made it! Alright, help a girl out. What are your favorite ways to stay organized??


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  • theartfulwanderer

    Great post! πŸ™‚ I’ve alwsys been a very organised person, borderline OCD, but only once I started my travel&lifestyle I fully understood the importance of keeping everything under control, scheduling tasks and keeping motivated! Your Goals and Visions section especially, really on point!

  • AHH YES! i think im pretty organized but this takes the cake πŸ™‚ love love love the goals and visions you have!

  • Jessica Jacobowitz Weinberg

    These tips are so helpful! It is so hard to stay organized on top of everything else. I find that my folders on gmail are very helpful!
    xo Jessica

  • Maegan Lin O’Loughlin

    Ha, love your folder story. I love to get organized too. My blog is still a baby, but I love using an editorial calendar and have started an income report. My daily planner is probably my most important organizing tool right now so I know what to focus on during blog time.

  • Haha love your TA-DA idea! Definitely gives me motivation! πŸ˜‰ I’m totally in the same boat with you with needing to stay more organized now that I’m working with more brands- plus it makes it so much easier when doing taxes.

  • I use my Erin Condren as my content planner. I use the monthly notes pages to track my blog post ideas and pitches, as well as social media growth. I like your ideas for tracking income!

  • Messy Cutting Board

    Love this!! I just stated seriously blogging last year so I am still learning the ropes, but hoping to monopolize this year, so I better get organized and this helps a ton!! Thank you!!

  • I use the self employed quickbooks app because I can connect my bank account and paypal and keep track of my business income/expense. I can also separate what’s personal expense. Easy way to file my taxes.

  • I love it. I’m trying to get more organized this year, including cleaning out my old office and setting it up as a blogging office/photography studio. At the rate I’m going though it may take me all year to get it going. I also need to get better about keeping an income report… I keep track of how much I make per month but then the payouts happen at different times, and that’s what’s throwing me off.

  • Karli Ellis

    I love these ideas! Last year I thought I was organized, until I started doing taxes! This year I’ve definitely started off better, but I love these tips and will be using some! Thanks!

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    I live by my editorial calendar. I use the program Asana now for my “TA-DA” lists and it’s great to keep track of everything! I love your visuals at the top of this post!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  • haha i love the TA-DA lists!! Such a fun way to punch things up! I use trello and google drive to organize everything! it’s been a life changer!

  • These are great! I need to stick to my editorial calendar more often. I’ve been thinking about adding trello into the mix as well. I love your TA-DA list idea πŸ˜‰ Google Drive is my heartbeat for my blog. I write my posts in a google doc and copy and paste it into wordpress. I’ve had my blog post disappear a time or two just typing it directly into wordpress. Not sure why or how, but having it happen TWICE made me realize I need to do something different πŸ˜›

  • I love that you call your to-do list a ta-da list, I may have to steal that one. It probably makes you a lot more excited to cross things off.

  • Totally agree that staying organized is the way to go! There can be SO many things to keep up with. I’ve heard great things about Trello – I really need to look into it!

  • I have a spreadsheet with my income and expenses too. It definitely helps me keep up with how much I am expecting and see where I can fill some gaps. Also yes to trello! I use it to run my business.

  • Lovelovelove that you’re planning your pitches out in your calendar – YOU GO GIRL!

  • I’m definitely getting more organized this year, especially when it comes to income! One thing that I’ve always been good at is planning out my blog posts. I have a huge dry ease calendar and have all the posts I want to write written on the calendar!

  • Taylor Smith

    I love being organized!!! So awesome!

  • Having an editorial calendar AND filling it in, turned to be the best thing ever for me. I have all my ideas there, so I don’t have to worry about blog post ideas from one day to another.

  • Kelsie K Sabers

    I Love all of these! I am such an organizer! I need to do better at keeping track of a spreadsheet this year tho!

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Hey! I’m Helen.

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