Feb. Ask Hel Q & A + Instagram Roundup

Nothing like waiting until the absolute last day of the month to do my Ask Hel post… lol. Happy February! Oh well, we are getting it done!

In case you are new, I do these “Ask Hel Q & A” posts once a month and round up some Instagram photos and products. You can check out last month’s post here.

Happy Friday Eve! // I am LOVING this cute pom sweater to get me through this awkward transitional weather month! // To get the product details for this look and others, follow me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app http://liketk.it/2uJZd #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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Pom Sweater | Pants | Bookbag

You met your husband on a blind date?? More please.

Lol so this question came from my Instastories. I posted a picture of my and my husband as total babies because we celebrated the six-year anniversary of our first date this weekend. I captioned it with “say yes to blind dates ladies.” Ok, so that’s how this question came about. Here is the backstory on me and hubby. We met in college at a sorority party. I was on our “Executive Council” and we had to take turns being “on-duty” at events–meaning we had to stay sober, man the guest list, and were willing to take girls home. It was my turn, so I wasn’t going to bring a date. I was going to go, man the door and head out when it was over. A few hours before the party, a guy-friend who was going with another girl in my sorority asked if I could bring his friend just so he could get on the guest list. “That friend” was Stephen. I agreed and assumed he would just go and hang out with our mutual friend and the other girl. However, he was an incredibly attentive date. He stayed by my side the entire night, and then when the night was over asked me to dinner the next night. Six years later and here we are. So there it is, how we met. 🙂

Sunday vibes in my new favorite sweater from @shopdressup!

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Sweater | Earrings

Are your eyelashes real? What mascara do you use?

First off–thank you! That is so sweet. My eyelashes are real! I use Lashboost from Rodan & Fields. It works MIRACLES. My lashes have gotten longer, thicker, and darker. So much so that even my mom has asked me at one point if I’m wearing fake lashes. I don’t sell this, just love it. If you are interested in this product, my girl Brina can hook you up! She is my Rodan & Fields Consulant (and bestie gal-pal.) You can email her here or follow her on Instagram for specials and promotions. So in terms of mascara, I have used L’Oreal Telescopic for years. However, I try all kinds of mascara–my favorite this week is PUR Fully Charged (my friend Brina recommended this too!) She’s the eyelash queen haha.

Today on the blog I’m sharing my favorite color for spring and some of my favorite looks! Check it out! Link in bio!

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Tank | Envelope Clutch | Lace Kimono

How’s BBG going? Do you like it? Is it worth the app?

Ok sooooo. I had the flu and kind of lost stamina. HOWEVER! I am getting back to it. I LOVE the program. It keeps me motivated and on track. I know exactly what I’m supposed to do on what day. I think it is definitely worth the app because you can see exactly the form you need to take to perform the exercises, you have a meal plan, a workout calendar, and a community. I love the app and think it is totally worth it.

LOl and I almost punched my computer over the last photo so we’re not doing the last insta photo.

How did you hit 10k on Instagram?

It was a lot of years of work. I utilized my hastags, tagged brands, engaged with other Instagram users. Honestly, one day it finally just worked. It took a longggg time and it moves at a different pace for everyone. For me it took a long time, but I’m going to keep going. Just keep chugging along.

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  • I love that you met on a blind date! I met my husband at a going away party for a friend. You really never know when you will meet the one!

  • I love both of those sweaters in your Insta pics! I also love that you and your hubby met on a blind date! That’s such a sweet love story! I definitely love that you hit 10K on Insta by growing it organically. I am such a believe in doing all things blogging and social media related that way. It does take longer but it is so rewarding!

  • I’m OBSESSED with your pom pom sweater! Also I love love love the story about you and your husband. Isn’t funny how you fall at the most random times!? 🙂 – Becky // http://www.roseandbrose.com

  • awe i love the story of how you met your husband! So fun when those chance encounters turn into so much more!

  • What a great story about you and your hubby! And UGH I feel you with falling off the wagon with exercising + eating right. I’m trying to get back on track too!

  • The story of how you met your hubby is so cute! Such a fun story to tell your kiddos someday.

  • Taylor Smith

    Omg how cute with you and your hubby! 🙂 I love this!

  • Really like your style of writing, feels like a one on one conversation. Thanks for all the great content! http://niccimarquart.com/

  • What a lovely Instagram feed you have! 🙂 I love the story of how you met Stephen – so cute! I’ve heard a lot about BBG and as someone who finds it hard to stay motivated and accountable, I’m getting more and more intrigued. Glad to hear you like it! Also! Congrats on 10k! What a milestone! x

  • I love the PUR fully charged too! So good! My hubby and I met on a blind date too!

  • Amanda Schreiber

    One day I hope to be at 10k on Instagram! But it takes so much time!

  • Loooove that pom sweater – so adorable! I’ve also heard a TON of good things about the Lash Boost, I know a few people that swear by it!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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