Wearing: I am a huge vest girl. I love this long black tie vest. It’s too cute! It’s great for the office or fun a fun day. Plus we all know I’m a little extra, so I like to fling it around when I walk. Whatever haha. Oh and THIS BAG! I couldn’t find the exact one, but this one is similar. I love the ring handle so much and just think it’s so unique.

Watching: I watch so much T.V. However, as I’m writing this I’m starting the SECOND This Is Us of the week. Thank goodness! The first after the Super Bowl totally wrecked me, but not for the reasons I thought. If you haven’t watched, I won’t spoil it…but for those that have–Randall and Tess is what I am referring to. Full on heaving breakdown on my couch. Woof. It was a great episode. I’m going to miss it so much during the Olympics.

Sipping On: The new flavors of Diet Coke. Holy yum! My favorite is Fiesty Cherry. Have you tried them yet? I have all the new flavors in my fridge, but have only sampled a few so far. I’m so thankful they didn’t try to change the original Diet Coke, because I just wouldn’t be able to function. But I love the new flavors too.

Loving: My gorgeous sunflower bouquet from The Bouqs! Oh my word, they are stunning. The Bouqs is a “Farm-to-table” floral delivery service–meaning your flowers are cut from a farmer and shipped directly to your house. My sunflowers are from Farmer Todd, which is just the cutest thing ever. I can’t get over how beautiful they are, and last 1.5 times longer than a commercial delivery service. I can’t say enough good things about my bouquet…except someone send me another one when they expire, please! Fun fact: you can also use my code HELONHEELSBLOG20 to get 20% off your order. So hint hint, pass that along to your significant other.

Excited for: Some upcoming collaborations and projects. Big things happening around here. I’m not going to disclose tooooo much, but I literally can’t think about anything else but this blog right now. I’m a lunatic, but I love my little corner of the internet and all the potential it has right now.

Celebrating: On that same note, I hit 10k on Instagram this week! SAY WHAT?! I get so nervous with all the people who follow/unfollow, so I’m worried it won’t stick. However, for now it’s awesome. I’m all about that swipe up right now.

Thankful for: My hubbs. Seriously he is the best. He is the most supportive, enthusiastic, partner one could ever ask for.  I just love him.

Dancing to: JT’s new album. I’ve heard mixed opinions, but I reallllly like it. I feel like it is he and his band are just jamming throughout the whole album. It’s a good vibe and great for listening to during the work day.

Dreading: My 5 a.m. workout. I’ve been doing pretty well so far with the #BBG 12 week program. However, it sucks. There is no way to sugar coat it. It hurts and the day after leg day is my own personal level of hell. Also, I need to stop wearing heels. It’s pure torture haha.

Planning: Galentine’s Day at my house! I have the best blogger friends in Atlanta. We get together once a month for something fun! This month is a Galentine’s Party at my house. I’m so excited to celebrate some of my fabulous blogger babes who inspire me every day. Send me all your super cute Galentine’s Day ideas and check out my Galentine’s Day brunch post here.

Avoiding: Girl Scouts. It’s cookie season and those cute little nuggets with their crack cookies are everywhere. I could (and frequently do) eat a whole sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting. Pretty sure these aren’t #BBG approved, but dang they’re delicious.

So that’s me. What are you up to lately?? What are you most excited for in February?

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  • You’ve been up to some fun things lately. I am loving that outfit (vests are the best-right?!) and those sunflowers. I definitely need to check out Bouqs. This Is Us wrecked me hard last week and the week before. I’m seriously debating if I want to watch last night’s episode today or not. I’m not sure I can handle it! I am obsessed with JT’s new album, as in can’t pick a favorite song, obsessed! I love that he grows and evolves his music. It’s a very JT sound but it changes from album to album.

    • I could wear a vest every day! The bouqs is amazing! I’m actually thankful for the “This is Us” break during the Olympics. My heart can’t take anymore!! I’m with you. I LOVE JT’s new album and how he is always evolving.

  • Such a cute vest! And Galentine’s Day is so much fun. Friends of mine and I are having a party this weekend too and I can’t wait!

  • Loving that long vest, so cute!! This Is Us — wow, so emotional!

    • Thanks girl! I know it…I’m actually thankful for the break during the Olympics. My heart can’t take anymore this month hahaha. Plus I’m just realllly excited for the Olympics.

  • You’re my inspiration for working out at 5 am! And yes to This Is Us. Last night’s episode killed me


    • Aw Thanks Tori! It’s definitely not always easy. And I’m with you. I’m actually thankful for the break during the Olympics. My heart can’t take anymore this month hahaha. Plus I’m just excited for the Olympics.

  • I was trying to give up soda and then they had to introduce those new Diet Coke flavors! I am treating myself to one every once in awhile. I’ve tried the cherry and the orange and I like them both!

    • Every time I try to give up Diet Coke, my friends and family encourage me not to because I’m cranky without it. I drink Diet Coke instead of coffee. The Fiesty Cherry is my favorite!

  • I’ve been watching Black Mirror and it definitely has my attention. I also have been extremely thankful for my fiancé. He has been so amazing and wonderful while I’ve had/recovered from surgery. I couldn’t be more thankful for all he has done! Congrats on hitting 10k on IG!

    • I LOVE BLACK MIRROR. The new season is amazing. I definitely want to know what your favorite episodes are. So glad to hear you are healing well and your fiancé has been so supportive!

  • I have to listen to JT’s new album. I’ve only heard like two songs lol

  • Girl Scout cookies are my jam – you’re a champ for being able to avoid them haha. I sure can’t. Congrats on 10k girl. So exciting.

    • Same girl. It’s so hard! lol. Those cute little Girl Scouts outside Kroger are going to do me in. and THANK YOU! I’m so excited!

  • JT’s new song Say Something is my JAAAAAM right now…I haven’t heard the rest of the album yet but omg that one is so good!!

    • I totally agree! One of my FAVES on his new album. I highlyyyy recommend the rest!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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