Bohemian Braid Hairstyle

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a hair post. It’s also been a hot minute since I’ve gotten my color done so pardon the roots in the next photos lol!

Today I’m sharing this easy, bohemian braid style. I love a good braid. I think it just gives a normal every day hair style a little something extra.

So here’s my style for today and the instructions on how to create this look!

Step 1: Take two front sections of hair on one side of your hair and braid them straight down. Create another smaller braid on the opposite side of your head. Make sure these braids are very flat and no need to french braid them. Secure the ends with a clear rubber band for now.

Step 2: Pull the hair in each section to give a fuller thicker braid. This will help flatten out the braid and help give it a bohemian vibe.

Step 3: Take the crown section of your hair and tease it to give a mini “bump it.” Poof it up a little and secure to give extra volume.

Step 4: Pull the two braids on the first side straight across the back of your hair. Pin in place. Remove the rubber bands.

Step 5: Take the smaller braid and bring it across the two that have already been pinned. Pin in place and remove the rubber band off this one too.

Step 6: Let the pieces of the braids fall through to create a waterfall effect.

Step 7: Pull the braids again to create and even fuller crown around the front (and cover up really bad roots if your name is Helen.)

Step 8: Rock it!

What do you think of the Bohemian style braids?

12 comments so far.
  • GIRL! I am an AWFUL braider but I adore this on you!!

  • I wish I knew how to braid lol I love braids and I want to incorporate it somehow for my wedding.

  • So pretty! love this look on you!

  • This is SO cute!! I wish I had the patience do to things like this to my hair…but I just don’t. LOL!

  • Your blonde color is so pretty! It’s so soft and not brassy at all – my eternal struggle is keeping brassiness out of my blonde hair. These braids also look so cute and easy!

  • This is so cute! I love that you have the patience to do cute style. I haven’t gotten there yet lol

  • This is beautiful Helen! You have such gorgeous hair and I love braided styles.

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    These braids are gorgeous! I wish I could braid my hair, but it’s a skill that I never picked up. 🙁

    Beth ||

  • La Shell Reid

    How pretty! I love a good braid! My hair is kinky curly so my braids never lie flat. Ugh!

  • This is SO FUNKY, Hel! I tried a fancy braid not too long ago and it was a *bit* of a total hot mess…you made this look EFFORTLESS.

  • Taylor Smith

    This is SO CUTE!!!! I wish I had longer hair now. GORG.

  • Sami Mast

    I’m the worst at doing my own hair! But this look is so cute!!

    The Classic Brunette

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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