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Happy Friday Friends! I am super excited today to share my new favorite skin care line. I am not even borderline obsessed, I am straight up obsessed with this new line. It’s called No B.S. and that is truly what it is. This line has stripped away all the things you don’t need in a skincare line and given just the basics for truly great skin. Plus it’s brand spanking new–just released in December of 2017.

These products have no artificial fragrances, no artificial preservatives, no parabens, no sulfates, no petrochemicals, no phthlalates, no alcohol and were not tested on animals. Since I can’t even pronounce some of those words, that sounds like a win all-around in my book. This line takes away all the extra shizz and just gives you freaking great skin. I received the line to test and I have to tell you, I really may never use anything else again.

The products I tried included: the Body Moisturizer, SPF 20 Moisturizer, Vitamin C +E Serum, Retinol Night Cream, and the Foaming Cleanser. I really loved all of them. They work seamlessly together to give you great looking skin. I was going to tell you what my favorites are, but I honestly can’t pick! Here is a breakdown of each.

Foaming Cleanser: This is to clean your face after a long day. This has aloe to keep your skin fresh while removing make-up and grime. It’s also great at cleaning pores. My skin just felt SO clean after I used this.

Retinol Night Cream: I may only be 26, but I am already all about that prevention. This helps slow down aging by speeding up your cell turnover. This gives a killer glam glow. I use it on my face and my neck.

Body Moisturizer: It’s winter and actually freezing in Atlanta. My skin is SO dry that I just want to bathe in this stuff. I don’t though. I wait until after I get out of the shower and then lather up.

SPF 20 Moisturizer: I mean really, how many times have I talked about how pale I am on this blog? At this point it is STUPID for me to wear anything that doesn’t have SPF included. I use this in the morning after my Vitamin C+E Serum and before putting on my make-up. It leaves my face feeling hydrated and dewy throughout the day.

Vitamin C + E Serum: Speaking of this serum, seriously it’s so dope. This is chock full of antioxidants like pomegranate and greet tea. 2018 is the year of collagen and this little bottle will help get you started. I put this on inn the morning first thing, then brush my teeth and start on my hair while it absorbs. After 10-ish minutes, I apply the moisturizer and finish my routine. My skin feels AWESOME after I use this.

I’m gushing, but I really love these products. They work so well and come in the best packaging. Everything from the description, to the instructions, to the top of the box is cheeky and clever. Plus the colors are super fun and look great on your shelf.

You MUST check out the No B.S. skincare line. I cannot recommend it enough!

Have you heard of this line yet? What products can you not wait to try?

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  • I am a HUGE skincare junkie and these sound amazing! I have never heard of this brand before. I love the packaging and the quote note cards. I really need to start using Retinol in my skincare routine. I am definitely going to look into this brand.

  • I’ve never heard of this line either, but it sounds amazing! I’m just getting into setting up a regular skincare routine but when I get through what I’m currently using, I might try these!

  • Tiffany Stein Staples

    Wow! These looks great! I haven’t heard of this skincare line yet, but I’m really interested in moving all of my beauty products to the more natural spectrum. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and we often forget that we can damage our bodies simply by what we use on our face or skin.

    And hello from Atlanta too!

    • They are brand new! I love these products so so much. You’re so right. We need to protect our skin!

      AND HELLO! So nice to meet you!

  • Ughhh I need a new skincare routine so badly! I think I may have seen this line on instagram a time or two, maybe I should try them out!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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