How to Keep Your Lips Hydrated in the Winter

This winter has been BRUTAL! It’s unbelievable how cold it has been over the past few months. I, for one, am totally over it. I’m cold inside my house, I’m cold going to work, I feel like even my organs are cold. The constant cold is really affecting my skin, hair, nails, but most of all my lips. I’ve had chapped lips for weeks!

Today, I’m talking about what I do to prevent cracked, dry and achy lips. I have taken the measures to get soft pretty lips all year round. Here are my tips.

Drink Water – When you are drying out, water is your best friend. It was actually on my resolutions to drink more water this year. This has helped tremendously, not just for my gross chapped lips but for my skin and hair too.

Moisturizer – I wrote a post last week about my new favorite moisturizer. I have been bathing in this stuff when I get out of the shower, but I also have been using the SPF face moisturizer on my lips. I use it at night after I shower and in the morning after my Vitamin C + E serum.

Use lip balm at night, in the morning, and after eating – We all use lip balm when our lips are chapped, but I now use it as a preventative measure. I use it before I go to bed, when I wake up, and after every meal. My current favorite lip balm is Chapstick Total Hydration in Oasis. It’s $3.99 and a total game changer. All the other flavors are great too, but Oasis is my favorite.

DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS – This is the WORST thing you can do for chapped lips. It gives temporary relief but really hurts and hinders your healing in the long run.

Use a lip exfoliant – These are SO helpful to remove dead skin and reveal soft supple skin underneath. I use them all the time. My favorite is one from Rodan and Fields, but here are several other options that also work great and come in different price points.

Brush your lips while you brush your teeth – If you don’t want to purchase an exfoliant, you can kind of perform a makeshift DIY with your toothbrush. After you brush your teeth, you can use your toothbrush to brush away the dead skin on your lips. I would use a separate toothbrush from the one you clean your teeth with, but no one will know if you don’t ;).

Use a humidifier in your house –  You can use a humidifier in your house to prevent dry air from circulating. This is great for preventing dry skin and chapped lips during the winter season. I am linking one here that is only $40!

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  • ugh if i needed to read something like this like last week when i was in -40 degree weather ha. ill be looking into purchasing a few of these asap! thanks friend!

    • WHY IS IT SO COLD IN ATLANTA?! Seriously two heavy snows in one season is unheard of!

  • omg I have such a bad habit of licking my lips, it’s the worst!!!! I use that chapstick egg..cant think of it lol. Eos? I love it!

  • I’m SO bad at licking my lips — even if they aren’t chapped or dry. I really need to find a way to break that habit. Any ideas on how to do so?

    • I don’t want to mess up my lipstick so I would wear it all the time — or at least thick layers of lip balm or Chapstick. I also think it would be helpful to put something that tastes unappealing on your lips. Maybe a natural fish oil or something along those lines?

  • I’m so bad at licking my lips when they are chapped! I’m getting better at putting chapstick on though. I never thought about brushing them though, that is something I am going to have to try!

  • Yes to all of these! My lips are forever chapped and I lick them a ton which does not help at all.

  • Kristen Jones

    These are such good tips! I definitely need to invest in a humidifier. I feel like it would help so much with my chapped lips and dry skin!

  • I am having the same problem. My lips actually hurt! I have been using lip scrubs, and lathering on lip masks or Vaseline at night to help.

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I have been loving the Chapstick Hydration line! Especially the tinted ones!

  • I suffer from dry lips so much in the winter! I typically just stick to standard chapstick, but maybe I need to upgrade to something a bit more effective at fighting the winter weather!

    • I really love the new Chapstick Hydration. It’s super cheap and works SO well.

  • Girl, my skin has been horrible this winter. I feel like it’s worse than ever and I guess its because we’re having a colder winter than ever. I’m always on the hunt for the best products to use on my skin and face though so I had to click over to see what your favorite moisturizer is. Now i’m on the hunt for some of that. I want to order it for sure. I’m so over winter.

    • It has been SO COLD. I love my new moisturizer and my whole skincare line. My face feels so good!

  • I use an ELF lip exfoliator and it’s the best thing ever! It’s so helpful in the winter months!

  • I never thought a humidifier could actually help my lips.
    I always have extremely dry lips during the cold weather and that’s because I constantly bite them. I have to find a way to stop this bad habit.

    Cristina | *janded

  • I’ve started using a lip balm with SPF and I can see the difference. It’s been ridiculously cold in Dallas and I am so looking forward to the spring.

  • Lip balm is my BFF. I have dry lips during summer, so during winter it’s even worse!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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