The Perfect Bachelorette Party Bags


Bachelorette Parties are SO fun! After all the craziness of wedding planning, it’s the perfect time to unwind and have a blast with your girls. Whether that’s for a weekend getaway or a fun dinner and dancing, Bachelorette Parties are the best!

The best way to really have a top-notch party is to make bags for all of the guests. These should be full of fun things to use at the party and also great favors to take home.

Here are some things that are a MUST have in my opinion!

Champagne Gummy Bears – ok these are incredible. I like these on hand at all times, but especially at bachelorette parties. Gummy bears=good. Champagne=great. Champagne Gummy Bears=super great!

Push Pop Confetti – Because what party (or Tuesday afternoon) doesn’t need confetti poppers?

Drink Markers – It’s not a bachelorette party without hot firefighter drink stirrers and speedo clad lifeguard drink markers.

Face Masks – After all the gummy bears and confetti, everyone needs a face mask!

Bride Champagne Flute – You must make sure the bride feels special, so a glitter champagne flute and fun Bride Shirt is a must.

Customized Plastic Champagne Flutes – Everyone else needs a fun champagne flute too. These customized plastic flutes are SO fun.

That’s What She Said Game – The Party Game of Twisted Innuendos – I love a good party game so “That’s What She Said” and “Who’s The Most Likely To…” These games are great to play with girls you know really well.

Rough Night  – While you’re winding down from the party, you need some great Bachelorette party movies. Rough night is new but funny! And, of course, Bridesmaids is a classic!

Check out my Bachelorette Party Planning Checklist!

What do you HAVE to have on a Bachelorette party?


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  1. 10.11.17

    Wow, Hel! It looks like you throw a great party! I love those bags and all the fun things you thought to add to them.

  2. 10.11.17
    Shevii McFarlane said:

    The Drink Makers definitely! And the game. I’m adding this to my list.

  3. 10.11.17

    those push pop confettis are so cute!! I actually was a little disappointed by Rough Night TBH!

  4. 10.11.17
    Katherine said:

    The drink markers always crack me up! I’m literally jumping online right now to order half of these items for a bachelorette party I’m “hosting” at the end of the month!

  5. 10.11.17
    Jenny said:

    We had those drink markers at my bachelorette and they were such a fun touch. Love these!

  6. 10.12.17
    Kate said:

    The push pop confetti!!! Too adorable! Totally getting this for my next party!

  7. 10.12.17
    Amanda K said:

    Haha love those drink markers! Just saved this post! I am in charge of planning my sisters bachelorette party in April.

    Amanda ||

  8. 10.12.17
    Alix Maza said:

    This is so cute! I want all of it lol.

  9. 10.12.17
    Valerie said:

    These are all super cute! I’ve only been to one bachelorette party, but I loved the bag/favors. I’ve bookmarked this one for my own bachelorette someday!

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