The Tool You NEED to Get Rid of Pet Hair

get rid of pet hair

I have a Molly. She is the most precious baby angel to ever walk the planet, but she is a little bit Corgi, a little bit German Shepherd, and a LOT of Golden Retriever. This fun doggy cocktail means she is one hairy dog. Dog hair is my most worn accessory. It’s all over our furniture, our clothes, our cat. Everywhere.

Last week, we finally ordered a SleekEZ . It’s basically a Tinkle for dogs. It has metal tooth pattern blade that removes hair, dirt, and anything else gross. You just use it like you would a normal brush on your dog or cat. I use it on both Molly and Mimo and they both love it.

Mimosa was a little harder to photograph because she’s a) a cat and b) not model Molly. Seriously, do you guys remember when I put her in a bookbag?

Anyways, this thing removes an insane amount of hair. We’ve used it three times on her this week. The first time we created another Golden Retriever with the amount of hair we removed and this is how much we removed yesterday:

It is also incredible for getting hair off furniture and your carpet. The night we got it, after Stephen Sleeked Molly, he went around the entire apartment on his hands and knees to Sleek (I’m making up new verbs) the carpets and the furniture. It took forever, but it works so much better than a vacuum. Our apartment has never been this hair-free.

Y’all, this post is not sponsored and I am telling you right now this is my favorite product of 2017. It is life changing. If you have a cat, dog, horse, or hairy boyfriend this product will remove all the hair from the source and your home. BONUS: It’s only $12-$20 depending on what size you purchase. We have the 5″ and it’s perfect for Molly. Maybe a little big for Mimo, but we make it work. They have a 2.5″ if you just have small dogs or a cat, and a 10″ if you have a horse or a dog the size of a horse.

Even though it has a blade, it does NOT hurt your fur babies. Molly just rolls over and begs for more and Mimo purs the whole time. Molly even gets moody and whiny when it’s over with these sad eyes.

Best of all, they both look so well groomed and adorable! I love my girls so much.

Have you heard of the SleekEZ? Do you use it for your pets?

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  • I so need to get one for my cat. She’s short-haired, but in the springtime – the shedding is insane!

  • I totally need one of these. With a cat and a dog at home I cant keep up with the pet hair

  • Oh my gosh, I need this asap!! We have two cats, and will soon have a husky, so we are full of hair! Thank you!! My husband will be thrilled.

  • Ohh I haven’t heard of it!! I’ll have to check it out for my new pup 🙂 Alsoooo stay tuned to your inbox in the next couple of weeks! Excited to connect 🙂

    • You have a new pup?? Pics please! And I definitely will! Thanks!

      • you’re welcome! pics are all over my insta and I wrote a post about him! “How to deal with major life transitions” – I’m basically obsessed haha

  • Sonyo Estavillo

    Really good tip, I have 2 dogs so I get it. I’m always having to vacuum. I haven’t heard of this tool, it’s interesting. It just looks like a piece of wood? Wow. It seems to really work!

    • It’s a piece of wood with a metal tooth shaped thing at the bottom to trap the hair. It doesn’t hurt them at all though!

  • Sondra Barker

    Your dog is so cute. I love animals. I definitely needed this tip.

  • Boy, I really do need this! I have a sofa with just enough of a “weave” in the fabric to trap dog hair. The vacuum is pretty much useless, so I have basically been using up a roll of masking tape every time I “de-hair” the couch!

  • I love your pictures and this tool here seriously sounds like a blessing. I am not a dog parent but I am definitely going to be telling about this to my friend who has a dog and faces the same issue!

  • Trisha Rawlings

    I’m so glad I read this post!! I have a cat that is getting older and isn’t doing such a great at grooming herself anymore, so I’ve been looking for a great brush to help her out a bit. You wrote a great overview and I actually just purchased one! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • JenellBStewart

    I dont have any pets but I am in shock with the amount of hair that the SleekEZ took off Molly. My mouth is open. So all of that hair used to be all around your house every single day?? What were you doing before you got the SleekEZ?

    • HAHA! SO. MUCH. HAIR! Yeah, we have to vacuum all the time and I go through lint rollers like crazy.

      • JenellBStewart


  • Keerthana Jeet

    I don’t have pets but this would be a lovely post for my friends who have one 😀

  • Adriana

    This is genius! I’m so glad there’s things like this for pet owners! Your pup is so cute!

  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    I totally need this for my dog! His hair is EVERYWHERE and I just can’t keep up with the vacuum. It needs it 1-2 times per day. Totally looking for this tool!

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Hey! I’m Helen.

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