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I have a lot of posts about being pale, mostly how to avoid it with sunless tanners, but I do acknowledge it on occasion. Today, I’m focusing on something more important than hiding pale skin, and that’s protecting it. It’s so important to take care of your skin. Are you ready for some scary statistics?

-90 percent of aging is due to sun damage. 90 percent!

-You can get a sunburn in less than 15 minutes if you’re pale.

-If you have 5 or more serious sunburns, your chances of getting skin disease DOUBLE.

-You can get sun damage even if you aren’t outdoors frequently. You can actually do damage walking from your car to the front door of Target.

Now, I, probably like you, HATE sunscreen. Loathe it actually. I feel like a fat slimy slug every time I have it on. I feel like it messes up my make-up or makes it impossible to put on, it makes my clothes stink, and forget having a decent hair day. I really only wear sunscreen at the pool or the beach, and don’t make any plans after that. I am not even trying to get ready again after a sunscreen bath.

I think my pure hatred stems from the 90’s when we used to go to the beach as a family, and the majority of our trip was consumed with my parents putting that thick, gooey sunscreen on us. Bless my poor parents who had three pasty kids… They are actual saints for literally covering us every time we wanted to go outside.

Also, when I die, I would like to know how much time I spend doing things and my first question will be how much time did I spend applying or waiting for someone to apply sunscreen.

However, I am a big girl now and have discovered more effective ways to take care of my skin, without having nightmarish flashbacks of being a chubby kid covered in white goop. These are the products I use today, that make it easy to protect my skin and still look like a human being.

best sunscreens


-First up is Coppertone Clearly Sheer Whipped Sunscreen. We no longer have to use the runny, nasty, melted yogurt equivalent. This is a thick sunscreen that goes on COMPLETELY sheer and smells good. Hallelujah! No more sunscreen stink. Plus, it has two extra fun bonuses: #1-It moisturizes your skin so it’s almost like putting on your favorite lotion. Instead of the shiny, slimy texture, you feel soft and smooth. #2-It’s drugstore brand, so it’s cheap and easily accessible!

Check out the consistency.

-This next product I am not even sure how I made it to 26 without. Seriously, what took so long? This is called Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Powder Brush. It’s a sunscreen powder for your face. It comes in a portable brush, so you can keep it in your beach bag. It can be brushed over your make-up throughout the day without ruining your highlight. I have the “fair” color, duh, but it also comes in “Medium,” “Tan,” and “Deep Matte.” Just yes to this.

-Next up is the Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment. Remember that time I told you 90 percent of aging is due to sun damage. Guess what ages really fast? Your lips! Fine lines and wrinkles are a real thing people. Also, have you ever had sunburned lips. It’s actually disgusting. I had it happen to me one time, and I swear to you never again. I love this stuff. It has and SPF of 30 and an anti-aging core to help reduce any fine lines or dry patches. It does take a few minutes to kick in, so apply at least 15 minutes before you’re out and about. I just include it in my daily make-up routine.


-Finally, I use Dab On Spot Stick. The part in my hair is the number one place I burn because I’m too vain to spray grease in my hair. I admit it. It’s one of my worse flaws. However, now I have this non-greasy stick to protect my part, ears, nose, whatever. This is a $4 product that changed my life. The most missed spots for sunscreen are your hairline, tops of ears, creases of your nose and lower eyelids. All these spots burn too and they do not feel good. I love this little stick to take care of those areas that I might have missed during my initial application.

Do you wear sunscreen? What are your favorite products?

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  • Colorescience has some of my favorite sunscreen products!

  • I gotta check this stuff out!

  • So happy to see more bloggers posting about sunscreen, because it’s so key to good health! You’ve included some great products in your post and I love the way the Coppertone products smell 🙂

  • Wow never seen the whipped sunscreen before. I usually just use the spray or regular suntan lotion, but I love the blendability of a whipped consistency. Great review and definitely important to focus on taking care of our skin.

  • I NEVER put sunscreen in my hairline and I always regret it. But, like you, I don’t want the greasy hair line! I need that stick in my life asap. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea this existed.

  • Adriana

    Taking care of your skin is SO important!!! I love this post and the fact that you’re spreading this message! Love Coppertone, too!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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