Create Your Own Naked Cake

naked cake

My sister created this MASTERPIECE for Easter brunch. She has all the talent in the family, and I am just lucky enough to stalk her and take photos of everything cool that she does and share it on my blog. So today, I’m sharing her process for making your own naked cake.

Naked cakes are all the rage right now in weddings, showers, Easter brunches, whatever. They look kind of scary to make, but they really aren’t, so today I am sharing the process for making the perfect naked cake.

First, you bake round layers of cake in your favorite flavor. You can go with the classic vanilla, or if you’re feeling crazy, you can go with red velvet or chocolate to keep things interesting. Bake your layers and let cool.

Next, you need this tool! This is a cake leveler. It allows you to shave off the top curve of your cake for a perfectly flat surface. Remove the top of all your layers and set aside. Feel free to eat the extras! (That was my job.)

Begin structuring your cake. Place the bottom layer on your base and frost with your favorite frosting. You can do the vanilla on vanilla, chocolate on chocolate, whatever you want. Dealers choice.

Because my sister is fancy, she added sliced raspberries in between her frosting layers. To do this, you slice fruit incredibly small, sprinkle on top of frosting, and then place another layer of frosting on top of the raspberries so it still gives the illusion of a pure frosting layer. Then you place your next cake layer on top.

Repeat with all layers until you have a completed cake.

Now, we all know naked cakes aren’t totally naked. We don’t want to lose all icing, so next step is to spread a thin layer around the circumference of the cake. Try to keep it even and make sure you can still see the cake underneath.

For an extra special touch, dye and melt and extra cup of icing to drizzle over the top of your cake. It was Easter so she went a pretty pale pink, but again, dealer’s choice. Keep it very even and steady so that the sides drip slowly and you don’t drown the cake. Adorn with fresh flowers.

Gorgeous! Have you ever created a naked cake?


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  1. 4.17.17
    Chel said:

    this is beautiful! I just made a cake yesterday for easter and I could have used that cake leveling tool. Amazing job!

  2. 4.17.17

    That cake is gorgeous!!! I know people who had naked cakes made for their weddings and I love them.

    • 4.21.17

      I thought about it for my wedding, but ended up going traditional. It was perfect for Easter!

  3. 4.17.17

    This is such a pretty cake. You did a wonderful job!

  4. 4.17.17
    Starla said:

    Looks delicious and so beautiful! Great job! xo

  5. 4.18.17

    how pretty is this!? if i knew about the naked cake thing at my wedding, i totally would’ve done it! I need to hop on this train for baby showers or bdays!

  6. 4.18.17
    Abby said:

    I’ve always wanted to! I love the rustic look to them; in fact, I wanted one for my wedding. I’ll give it a try soon!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  7. 4.18.17
    Lauren Falardeau Pariseau said:

    Beautiful! A great option for those who don’t love a lot of frosting!

    • 4.21.17

      Yes! Absolutely! I thought about doing this for my wedding, but ended up going traditional.

  8. 4.20.17

    This is so gorgeous! I love how it turned out!

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