Grey and White Vanity

grey and white vanity

Vanity Tray | Artificial Flowers | Brushes | Desk | Mirror (Homegoods) Similar | Bottle (not pictured)

Happy Hump Day, pals! I mentioned earlier this week that Stephen and I had the most productive Sunday of all time. We reorganized our storage closet, we cleaned and scrubbed from top to bottom, did a million loads on laundry, and FINALLY put some effort into decorating our bedroom. It’s not quite Pinterest worthy yet, but getting there. My favorite thing we did this weekend was turn my old desk into a vanity/desk area. A “danity,” if you will. Our room is navy, white, grey and gold, so we went with a grey and white vanity.

Before the transformation, the desk was really the place where my clothes that were too dirty for the closet and too clean for the laundry lived. I basically just stacked everything up there. It was a smidge obnoxious, but I had been wanting a place where I could sit and get ready, but also write blog posts. So on Sunday we went to work. I cleaned off all the never ending laundry, dusted and vacuumed the area, and went shopping!

We purchased this PERFECT mirror from HomeGoods for only $30. It was on sale and exactly the piece I needed. Then I purchased the little storage drawers from Target to add extra makeup that didn’t fit below, and this adorable mirror vanity tray.  I also purchased several glass bottles to class up my eye make-up remover, and other liquids. Amazon said it was delivered last night which means they have a secret key to my apartment office that I don’t. I’ll update this post once they are actually in my house and on the vanity.

Finally, I added some fake florals because I can’t keep real ones alive. Ta-da, my little space is born. I’m so happy to have a place to both blog and put my face on in the morning, because in Atlanta, real-estate doesn’t come cheap. Multi-functioning areas are key.

Where do you get ready in the morning?

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Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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