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As the seasons change, so do we, at least in certain aspects. We do our spring cleaning, pack away winter clothes to make room for the lighter ones. The spring brings along a sense of refreshment, a new awakening, and it should not only be spiritual but physical as well.

As we do all the other ‘spring cleanings’ one thing we must not forsake is our hair, as it is also one of the components in need of refreshment and replenishment in order to welcome the new season in style. To that end, here are some of the things you can do to spring-ify your locks and give them back the shine they deserve.

Wash and Go is not Enough

Winter can be harsh on our mind, body, soul, skin, as well as our hair, and this is why we need to take extra care of it, which means that a simple shampooing+conditioning routine just does not cut it anymore. Hair masks are one of the essentials of responsible hair-care behavior, so do not skip this step. Find the right mask that will cater to your needs and issues as well as hair type, and make sure you follow through with this step at least once a week.

Go Heat-Free Whenever Possible

Wintertime is no time to skip the blow-drying step, that is for sure. However, as spring arrives there’s less and less need for your hair to be exposed to so much heat, as it is one of the main contributors to hair damage. For that reason, try to avoid using the blow dryer as much, let your hair dry on its own, and enjoy its natural texture without trying to heat-tame it too hard.

Do Not Skip Your Vitamins

If you take regular vitamins, do not skip them, sure. What we mean here are hair vitamins. Yes, in case you were not familiar with this, hair vitamins do exist and the benefits of taking them are great. First of all, they make your hair grow faster. Secondly, regular hair vitamin intake ensures your scalp is healthy, and thirdly they help with keratin production which means prevention of hair   breakage and hair loss. Win, win, win.

Spring Makeover Time

If you’ve been thinking about getting your hair done, getting some ombre, balayage, or just a spring makeover in the form of simple color-change, there is no time like spring time. If you have been longing for that beachy blond, or even those ashy blond hues that are dominating the hair-color palette this year, perhaps it is the right time to take the plunge and shake things up a bit. If you are fresh out of ideas, but do long for some kind of change, Pinterest is always here to lend a helping hand with its infinite selection and inspiration.

The Painful Truth

There are times when you do everything right. You choose the right shampoo and conditioner, treat your hair to masks and protect it with serums and numerous other products. Still, the higher power that goes by the name Winter just seems to be oblivious to your efforts, and come spring time you are faced with the awful truth that a couple inches of your precious hair simply have to go under the scissors.

Yes, this may sound tragic, after all you have done to grow it out, but those split ends are ‘never ever ever getting back together’, so it is time to cut your losses, say goodbye to a couple of inches to make room for new and healthy hair to take the stage. You are well aware that this is for the best, so do not be afraid of the scissors, you can do this.

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and fashion blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Over the years she wrote pieces for: Viva Glam Magazine, LA Fashion, High Style Life, How to Simplify, Oh My Heartsie Girl and Carousel.

Find her on: Twitter  Google +

3 comments so far.
  • Love this post! I sometimes forget to take my vitamins! 😐

    Sincerely Miss J

  • Amanda Crain Nall

    I just started on hair vitaimins! Hope they help! My hair is really long right now and I want it to be super healthy too!

  • Leslie Soto

    Great tips! I’ve been taking a hair vitamin for several months but I need a good hair mask. Which ones do you recommend?

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Hey! I’m Helen.

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