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Ok, focus, focus, focus. I could legitimately do a whole post of adorable pictures of Molly. She is such a ham.

I clearly love my pup. She is the sweetest dog in the world, and I hate to leave her behind. However, sometimes we have to go out of town for the weekend or have a long day at work, and we have to take her to the boarder (which I have affectionately named “The Puppy Plaza.”)

Luckily, she doesn’t mind too much thanks to her “Bark Pack.” I’m annoying and have a name for everything, can you tell? This is her back pack with put together with all her favorite things so she doesn’t feel alone.

So today, I’m sharing how we create her Bark Pack. Begin with a book bag. I use a one strap small satchel, but there are many options. Then fill it with your pup’s favorite things. Here is what I include in Molly’s pack:

Her tennis ball: the girl is part retriever. I’m pretty sure she has never left the house without a tennis ball. She has a stash in every room. She loves tennis balls more than she loves Stephen, me and the dog park combined.

Something to chew on: She has a lot of energy and if she doesn’t have something to do she chews her feet. So we either send her with an antler, a dental stick, a bone, a rope, SOMETHING. She doesn’t actually chew the rope, just kind of flips it around, but until they invent doggie iPhones, it will have to do. Also, here is a picture of Molly stealing her stick from the photo shoot…

Her blanket: Molly doesn’t sleep on her blanket at home. She sleeps under the bed because she is afraid of everything, BUT she likes to have it when she spends the night at the Puppy Plaza. It smells like her house and gives her a sense of home.

Her emergency contacts: Of course, our information is in their system, but just in case the power goes out or their computer crashes, I leave our information in her “Bark Pack.” It’s probably overkill, just like leaving strands of hair in the back of my Uber, but I like to be prepared.

Her food: Molly LOVES  Purina One® Smartblend® Chicken and Rice Formula Adult Premium Dog Food. It’s her favorite food in the whole world. We usually pour it out into a large container with a scoop, and she actually stands there and tries to catch pieces in her mouth while I pour. Purina One Chicken and Rice Formula has real chicken as the first ingredient blended with other high-quality protein sources helps support strong muscles and a healthy heart in addition to Omega 6 which keeps her skin and coat healthy and radiant. No bones about it, this girl loves her Purina One.

To make sure she isn’t over or under fed while we are away, I pre-measure her food and place into plastic baggies. This way, I know she is receiving the perfect portion.

We purchase Molly’s food at my favorite store, Target! No matter which food you buy there is an amazing variety of Purina dry dog food products available at Target in the pet aisle.

Also, because I just love Target, here is a great offer for 20% off Purina dog food during the month of March on the Cartwheel app.


Molly’s “Bark Pack” makes her trips seamless and easy. I love knowing that she is comfortable and happy at the Puppy Plaza with everything she needs. And who doesn’t want to see this little face smile??

Do you send your pup off with a bark pack? What is their favorite food?

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  • Madison Pollihan

    This is such a good idea! Molly is adorable and incredibly photogenic.

    • She is such a ham! She loves being featured in blog posts. I swear, I take out the camera and she poses!

  • Leslie Soto

    Oh my goodness! Molly is such a doll! Love her! I’ve never thought of putting together a puppy back pack but when we take our Willow to the beach this summer we’ll definitely have to pack her one. Actually, she has to spend the night at the vet’s office soon to be spayed, I may make her one up for then because she’ll be so sad without us. I’ll definitely have to pack her blanket. She’s our resident blanket thief.

    • Molly is such a ham! She loves being featured in my blog posts. I’m loving the doggy beach bag idea! And give your pup a hug from me. Sending love during her surgery!

  • Oh she’s so cute! I love the idea of putting together a little pack of everything my little guy needs! I’ll definitely be trying this out this summer when I bring him to the beach!

    • Great idea! We haven’t taken Molly to the beach yet. She is afraid of everything so I’m not sure how that would go, but we really want to test it out. Maybe I need a beach bag post! 😉

  • Allisonwaken

    What a great idea to put together a little bag! We always do the individual portions in plastic bags as well. Makes it so easy to make sure they’re getting the right portions of their Purina dog food! [client]

    • Exactly! Molly loves her chicken and rice so much it was hard to take photos of her because she kept looking at the bag longingly! If we didn’t put it in plastic bags, she would act hungry until they let her eat the whole bag!

  • I wouldn’t mind a whole post of pictures of your puppy! 🙂


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