Friday Favorites – Drug store Edition

I love high-end make-up. I really do. But sometimes you run out of your favorite product and just need a replacement in a hurry so you don’t look like Sasquatch the next day, or you look at your spending habits and decide you need to seriously reevaluate your priorities. Sometimes, you just really love the product better than anything you’ve ever tried. Either way, drug store products come in clutch! So today, I’m sharing some of my favorite drug-store make-up products to add to your basket next time you’re taking long romantic walks through the aisles of Target. By the way, today Target is also a drug store. Whatever.

Infallible Total Cover Foundation: This is L’Oreal’s new concealer that claims to be strong enough to cover tattoos. Now I don’t have a tattoo to test theory out, but I will tell you it’s legit in getting some serious coverage. It is incredibly light weight which was my concern. I didn’t want to look cakey and cracky by the end of the day, but your face feels totally natural. Have you ever had airbrush make-up? Your face feels very much like that. I wear shade “Casper” because I’m so pale. Kidding, it’s called “Classic Ivory.” But the best part is, you can use it other places besides your face! I use it to cover my obnoxious mosquito scars on my legs and they’re totally gone. I really like this product and it stays for 24 hours so you aren’t gross by the end of the day.

Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer: This is hands down my favorite product on the market, high-end or not. I’m obsessed with this stuff. Because I’m so pale and have anxiety, my dark circles are SERIOUS. This is without a doubt the greatest concealer ever created. They just disappear. Poof, gone. I go through a tube of this stuff within a few weeks, so I just buy it in bulk. I love it.

CoverGirl TRUblend PrimerThis is actually a really great primer. I use it for combo skin because I don’t have dry or oily skin, it’s just kind of normal… This is perfect if you have a shiny nose or just want to smooth everything out. It’s white in the tube, but goes on clear. I use it primarily to get my skin all one texture and to smooth down those stupid blonde baby hairs near my ears that are too fine to wax.

Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender: Gosh, I write all the time about how I want to learn to do my eyebrows, but not look clownish. #PalePeopleProbs. I am totally in love with this Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender. It’s a big fat pencil so you can draw them on, but then a Kabuki Blending Brush on the other side so you can make them a little softer which is perfect for me.

Infallible Pro-Spray and Makeup Extender Setting Spray:  Because I work long hours, I like to use some kind of freezing spray so I don’t look super scary by the time I get home. I like this one primarily for the smell! My face was definitely still on when I walked in the door.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing TowelettesAnd because you eventually have to take all this make-up off, nothing beats Neutrogena Make-Up Wipes. They’re the right size, right moisture, and right smell. I love them.

What’s your favorite drug-store product?

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  • Neely

    With this new baby me and instant age rewind are besties

  • Those makeup wipes are the best!

  • The maybelline concealer is the best. I have used the neutralizing color and the light, and I think the neutralizing color is the best. Those neutrogena wipes are also a life saver!

  • Sarah Emily

    That L’Oreal total coverage is everything to me! I haven’t been overly impressed by the infallible line but that product is definitely one I am stocking up on

  • I want to try that total coverage foundation soon.

  • That dark circle eraser looks awesome!!

  • Donnica Smalls

    With the exception of the makeup extender spray, I haven’t been that impressed with L’Oreal’s Infallible line. However, I’ve been super curious about the Total Cover Foundation. So I may have to check that. I really love the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid lipsticks. There’s such a beautiful range of nudes for every skin tone in that line.

    • I really haven’t either, but I love the foundation. I swear it covers everything! I need to try those out. Thanks for the tip!

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Hey! I’m Helen.

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