Our First Dance: International Dance Studios

Before the wedding, Stephen and I took dance lessons. It started out like Bambi first learning to walk with a lot of stepping on each other’s toes, running into walls, and stopping every two seconds because we kept messing up. For three months, we had weekly date night to step up our skills and have a first dance that did not resemble two middle schoolers slow dancing to “This I Promise You.”

*Disclaimer – we didn’t actually dance to “This I Promise You.” That is just the song I think of when I think of Middle School dances. 

I’m not even humble bragging, I’m full-out bragging at this point. We did it! Our dance was awesome and we 100% owe that to International Dance Studios in Atlanta.

Jennifer created the perfect foxtrot for us with A LIFT! I was more nervous about that lift that I was about actually getting married, but once we did it and all of our guests erupted with applause, there was no better feeling. All of our hard work, weekly lessons, and practice around the living room had totally paid off. Almost three months later and our dance is still the number one thing people talk about when they talk about our wedding.

Here’s a video of our lift:

One more before breakfast… Besides, you know, getting married, pulling off this lift was the highlight for me. Thank you @internationaldancestudios for making our first wedding dance unforgettable! #2shotsofbaileys16 @mccoy430

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Bonus: International Dance Studios creates these amazing custom crystal shoes. I purchased a pair for the reception so my feet not only sparkled every time I moved, but were also super comfy while I ran around to talk to my guests and dance with my pals.

International Dance Studios is really kind of a one stop shop. They create a perfect dance for you as a couple, do your music editing so if you want to cut a portion of your song you can, and gave me my new favorite shoes. If you are in Atlanta and looking for dance lessons or just want a fun date night, I HIGHLY recommend International Dance Studios. Visiting them for our lesson quickly became Stephen and my favorite night of the week.

Did you take dance lessons before your wedding? What was your first song?

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Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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