Wedding Planning Wednesday: How to Ask Your Bridal Party

The one thing I didn’t want to do when I came back from my blogging break was to bombard everyone with wedding posts. I’ve talked about my wedding so much on this blog, then took a break to have my wedding, so the last thing I wanted to do was come back and this blog become all about my wedding. However, it happened and it was amazing, so OF COURSE, I want to talk about it.

With that being said, I’m bringing back Wedding Planning Wednesdays. There were so many things I didn’t talk about before the wedding because I didn’t want to give anything away to my guests who were actually attending. I have tons of planning knowledge and fun ideas to share with those who might be planning a wedding one day. So I’m bringing it back. It will give me an outlet to talk about the wedding, but only once a week! It’s really win-win. Bonus: we just got a sneak peek of our photos so I finally have something to work with. I’m dying for the rest.
So let’s rewind back the the beginning of planning to when we asked our bridal party to be in our wedding.
I asked my girls with these super adorable cards. You can purchase them based on hair color (although almost all of my bridesmaids were blonde. #Blonderage!) then you print them out at home, write your message inside, and mail to your pals. I added a little glitter on the robes because I LOVE glitter. I even wrote a disclaimer on the envelope that said, “Be careful, you KNOW there is glitter in here!”
I added these super cute knot bracelets and wrote on the inside, “Please stand by my side and help me tie the knot! Love, Hel.” Thank goodness they all said yes, because look at these babes!
Stephen was a little more cruel to his groomsmen. Did you go to college when “icing” was a thing? Well, we did. You basically trick someone into grabbing a Smirnoff Ice. Once they realize they have accepted it, they have to get on one knee and chug the whole thing. So Stephen mailed his groomsmen these…
For some reason, they all said yes too and sent a video lol, except for my brother who was at basic training at the time. We figured an icing wasn’t worth the amount of push ups he would have to do.
Our friends are incredible and truly made our day one we would never forget.
How did you ask your bridal party?? 
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Hey! I’m Helen.

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