Post-Honeymoon Detox

Before the wedding, Stephen and I were extremely diligent about losing weight. We wanted to be the best versions of ourselves on the wedding day. Combined we lost 80 pounds–he lost 50, I lost 30. We felt amazing!

However, we were ready to eat on our honeymoon and eat we did! We were at an all-inclusive resort with three gourmet meals a day and had 24-hour free room service. We came back with about 5-10 extra pounds between us. But we didn’t quit there! We had missed all of our favorite foods so much that we went on a little binge. We’re talking queso and margaritas three times in one week… One day we even had Raging Burrito for lunch and then ordered a pizza that night. It was madness. I was starting to notice the pockets of fat I had worked so hard to lose slowly creeping back. Then it was Thanksgiving and the Gilmore Girls revival, so we all know how that goes.

Finally, I woke up Monday and realized I was very quickly headed in the wrong direction and just how much this month has set me back. It’s amazing what you can do to yourself in just a month. So now that my binge of all my favorite foods is over, I am coming up with a new plan. I don’t want to completely deprive myself of the good foods like I was before the wedding, but I have to eat them in moderation. Before I can do that though, I need to detox! I’m getting slow and sluggish again after consuming so many calories and want to kick my weight loss into high gear.

So today, I’m sharing my favorite detox-ish! These are my tips for cleansing that sluggish feeling that makes you want to crawl under the covers and never come out. It is also great for getting rid of a week’s worth of queso that has now mixed with your blood stream–probably causing the sluggish feeling. I should probably mention this is not doctor approved or recommended because I am just a girl with a blog, but it makes me feel better when all I want is a nap!

Tip 1: Drink all the lemon and cucumber water you can consume. I love infused water, so I usually use a infuser water bottle or pitcher. This usually contains the seeds and extra floating pieces of fruit. Combine with regular water so you don’t get sick of it and drink at least 64 oz of water a day.

Tip 2: Stick to raw veggies. Cooking usually requires some kind of oil or seasoning, so just eat em raw!

Tip 3: Do not drink Diet Coke. I consume Diet Coke like it is water, but it is not lol. Water is water and drink a lot of it. At LEAST 8 glasses a day.

Tip 4: Don’t eat after 6. If I’m being totally honest, this is how I lost the majority of the weight before the wedding. I eat dinner super early right when I get home from work and don’t eat again. If you’re going to eat fruits (I do because I hate veggies) be sure to definitely be done with them before 6.

Tip 5: No carbs. Sometimes when you love something, you have to set it free.

Tip 6: Remember Halo Top is not a substitute for meals. If I’m being honest again, this is also how I lost a lot of the last-minute pre-wedding weight but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s delicious, but not necessarily nutritious.

Tip 7: Proteins are good for you. I don’t like to eat meat. I’m not a vegetarian or anything, but meat isn’t my favorite thing to eat or cook. I’m big on boiled eggs. I also really love seafood, and have a killer salmon recipe that doesn’t make me feel full.

Tip 8: Eat breakfast. Your metabolism starts when you eat, and it doesn’t have to be big. Grapefruits are good. You also need to eat lunch and dinner and probably a small healthy snack.

Tip 9: Sleep! You’re tired and sluggish anyway from the extra weight. Sleep as many hours as you possibly can at night. It’s cold and your bed is warm so give it a full 10 hours if you can.

Tip 10: Really, stick to fruits, veggies, water and proteins. Eventually you can start adding some of your favorite things back in, but take it easy. I usually give myself a few weeks of the healthy stuff before I get into full Halo Top mode with the occasional queso.

What do you do to make yourself feel better after a food binge?


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