Name Changing Nightmares

I always knew I was going to change my name. I’ve been Gaillet my whole life, but it’s spelled nothing like it sounds. It’s actually pronounced GUY-YAY (hence my social media handles). I’ve never, not once, said my last name to someone new without immediately spelling it. I married a Bailey. It’s just clearly the easier choice. Plus, I think it’s nice to have the same name as my new hubs and potential future kids if we decide to go that route. Actually, it’s mostly because I used to work at a school and the paperwork was much harder when the mothers didn’t have the same last name as their kids. I’m just thinking of future administrators…

However, the post-wedding name change problem is so real. So much paperwork, so many offices, so many social media URLs that don’t work anymore because you have to change your handles. At least changing social media doesn’t require a certified marriage certificate, three hair follicles and a vile of blood.

Ok, I’m being dramatic.

Here’s how you change your name: go to the social security office first and wait in line, wait 48 hours and then go to the DMV and wait in line, wait in line for passport photo, remember you didn’t change your voter registration and figure out how in the world you are supposed to do that, realize all your bank is now incorrect and you can’t spend money, jump off the roof.

Ok, now I’m being really dramatic.

However, you could avoid a lot of this drama by using HitchSwitch. They aren’t paying me to write this post, I just feel like everyone should know about this service.

HitchSwitch is a company founded by two men whose wives had the same opinions I do about changing your name. They made a super easy and convenient package so you don’t have to waste half your marriage in line waiting to change your name.

There are several different package options to choose from based on your laziness and ignorance of how the government works. Basically, you receive ALL your forms for all the offices completely filled out. All you have to do is sign and mail to the appropriate office. Some packages even come with pre-stamped envelopes, because let’s face it, the last thing you want to do after you get married is buy more stamps. (Not sarcasm, I never want to buy another stamp as long as I live.)

Included in the package are forms for:
-Social Security
-Driver’s License
-Title and Registration
-Voter Registration
-LOTS of notice of name change for banks, credit cards, subscriptions, whatever.

BONUS: They have partnered with so you can take a passport photo FROM YOUR PHONE! That means you do not have to leave your house. Amazing.

So before you decide it’s easier to get an annulment than change your name, check out HitchSwitch and #ClaimYourName.

Have you used HitchSwitch? What do you think about changing your name?

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Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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