Make the Most of Your Uber Ride

Do you Uber? For those who aren’t in a big city, Uber is basically a taxi app. You tap the app, it automatically knows where you are and how far away the closest Uber driver is. You can watch them on the map as they pull up. Then they take you to where you are going, you hop out and your card on file is automatically charged. Easiest thing ever.

Atlanta is such a fun city, but the traffic and parking here are abysmal. It’s like the city totally forgot that the people of Atlanta will eventually have to get out of their cars. You can’t park anywhere.. That’s where Uber comes in. I take Uber basically everywhere except work because I am one of the lucky ones with a parking lot.
I take Uber to date nights, bars, parties, sporting events, the airport, the MARTA station, literally everywhere. It’s the best because I never have to worry about traffic. I never have to worry about getting home if I decide to have a glass of wine with dinner, and I NEVER have to worry about my car being illegally parked, getting towed or remembering which parking garage I put it in. It’s just the best option for getting around.
When you’re in an Uber as much as I am, it’s important to know the best tips and tricks for getting around as smoothly and safely as possible. Here are a few of my favorite tips.
1. Know your rating. You can decide to rate your Uber driver after a ride, but they are required to rate you as a passenger. If you have a low rating, other drivers are less likely to pick you up. To check your rating open the app, click on the menu, select help, select account, select “I’d like to know my rating”, then click submit. You will get your rating automatically. If it’s low, then be very selective about who you let ride in your Uber. If they are rude, obnoxious, or are likely to throw up in the car, let them request the Uber from now on… Also, just be nice, and don’t ask them to take you to Taco Bell.
2. Split the fares. If you ride with someone, you can split the fare. After you request a ride, at the bottom of the screen, click the option to split the fare, and enter the names or numbers of the other passengers. This comes in extremely handy with UberXL.
3. Be safe. I’m perfectly fine riding in Ubers by myself. I’m not afraid of my Uber drivers or to get in the car alone. However, I always make sure to cover my bases and make sure I’m safe. I’ve never had an issue, but you are getting in a car with a stranger, so it’s important to take the necessary precautions. Make sure someone always knows where you are. If you’re meeting someone, let them know when you are in the Uber and on your way.  If you’re leaving a group to go home, have someone walk you out and text them when you make it home. As an extra precaution, I always leave a strand of hair in the backseat which is dumb, because people can track my rides, but it makes me feel better. Bottom line, just be super careful.
4. Wait it out. Sometimes at nights or during heavy traffic, the rate fare goes up. It’s usually like 2.1x. On New Year’s Eve, it was like 9.9x and people were paying like $97 for a five-minute ride. On New Year’s Eve, make a new plan because that stinks. Usually though, for a 2.1x night, if you wait a few minutes it will go down. Just refresh a lot, and grab it when the fare is low.
5. Look out for fun promos. Like UberEats for example. Uber will deliver your favorite foods from your favorite restaurants to your office or home. It’s awesome. You have to check it out if it’s available in your city. Sometimes they have UberPuppies. If you request Uber during a certain time on a certain day and select the puppy option, Uber will deliver puppies from different rescue organizations to your office for a play date. Then just always be on the lookout for promo codes. Sometimes if you attend a special event, you can get a discounted code, Just always keep your eye out for fun promos. Cool things are always happening with Uber.
Do you Uber? What are your favorite Uber tips?
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Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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