Make Your Office (or Cube) a Home

Office spaces are so important. If you spend 45 hours a week
in a room, it is absolutely imperative that you like that room. I try to make
my office a place where I can be productive, but also a place where I feel
comfortable. Here are a few personal touches to make your office a home.

Add fresh blooms. Flowers make everyone happy. So I always
keep a bouquet of something on the corner of my desk. Poinsettias at Christmas,
Tulips for Easter, sunflowers in July. They just make my desk feel pretty.

-Surround yourself with people you love. I have pictures of
everyone in my office. My family, my fur babies, Stephen, my friends. They’re
all in there.
-Paint it. If your company allows you to paint your office
absolutely take advantage of that! My office walls are turquoise and metallic gold. I
love it.
-Sprinkle in a few accomplishments. Do you have something you
are particularly proud of? Maybe you designed something awesome or received a
plaque. It could even be a diploma or certificate, but add a few things you are
proud of to remind yourself how awesome you are.
-Provide snacks. If you want people to come visit then keep a
jar of candy somewhere in your office. You’ll be fighting them off with a
-Bring a few homey touches. I have everything from curvy Barbie
to French bulldog tape dispensers in my office. There is no mistaking when you
walk through the door that this room belongs to me.

What do you bring to work to make your office space feel like home?

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  • Photos, little trinkets and a snack drawer always help me with my space!

  • Great tips! You definitely have to hide the snacks…mine disappear so quicky!!

  • YES to fresh blooms! We have live plants here and I just LOVE them. I also burn candles, too… although I know in most offices you can't – thank god for wax melters now! 🙂

  • I love this. I'm excited for my new job and re-creating a new work space for myself! I have a pink high-heel tape dispenser, a lacy design pencil holder and a big burlap bulletin board in my office now. But in my new one? The possibilities are endless!

  • I wish I could paint! My office is so white!!! However it's great for taking "desk bloggy" photos. I have some flowers in my cube and I try to keep lots of pictures around.

  • love of all of these! i am out the front so i can't do anything, no pictures, no frames, no nothing. womp womp. i can play music of my choice though, so i do, and that makes me happy 🙂

  • So I have zero pictures or anything pretty in my cube other than a pink bucket with hearts on it that holds my pen…and a flower calendar on the wall. lol

  • Ahh your office sounds so fun and cute! We aren't allowed to decorate ours and everyday I think to myself "Gosh this is boring." I spend all kinds of time browsing things I wish I could decorate with.

  • Great tips!!

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Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

Llife and style blogger. Diet Coke addict. Fluent in emojis. Online shopaholic.

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