How to Lose Weight Quickly

It’s true, losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. However, there are things you can do right now that will help you lose weight today! These are simple lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight quickly. I’m confident that if you implement these today, you will weigh less tomorrow. And one pound a day keeps the doctor away…or something like that.
I’m on the second round of the 21-Day Fix. I’m losing weight due to this strict plan, but when I’m on the “off weeks,” I still use these tips so even when I eat pizza and beer, I still lose weight.
Here they are…
– Avoid late night snacking. Don’t eat fruit or carbs after 6 p.m. and don’t eat anything after 8 p.m. This gives your metabolism plenty of time to kick in and burn off your meals before you go to sleep.
– Make a swap. Swap Diet Coke, sugary juices or whatever your unhealthy drink of choice is for tea. Tea is super flavorful on its own and much better for you. You can also swap for coffee, but don’t add cream or sugar to either.
-Do a quick exercise. Take a lap around your building, do a few sit-ups, etc. I wrote a post awhile back on deskercises (exercises to do at your desk!)
-Add color to your plate. No, not macaroons! Add fresh fruits and vegetables. Make a rainbow – green leafy lettuce, oranges, purple grapes, blueberries- just make it pretty!
– Count calories. If you are consuming less calories than you are burning, then you will lose weight! Simple as that. Sticking to about 400 calories a meal works really well for me. Here are some quick calorie guides for reference: fruits | veggies | condiments | breakfast

What are your favorite weight loss tips?


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  1. 2.12.16

    I'm totally struggling right now with this! My problem is portion sizes 🙁

  2. 2.12.16

    Great tips!

  3. 2.12.16

    The 17 day diet also calls for no fruit after 6 pm.

    • 2.12.16

      Oh I haven't heard of the 17 day diet! I am on the second round of the 21-Day fix and I love it! I've heard this tip a few times in my life and it's one of my favorites. Every morning after I follow it, I end up weighing less.

  4. 2.12.16

    I am so bad about eating late at night. I don't know how much of it is out of habit and how much is a physical need (I'm nursing and my stomach growls all the time!). But I do want to make an effort to try to break this to see if it is a habit.

    • 2.12.16

      I used to be really bad about eating late at night. Once I stopped, every morning I end up weighing less than the day before.

  5. 2.12.16
    Kristen said:

    Losing weight is so hard! I should try the 21 day fix too! Sometimes I swear when I try harder I end up gaining weight..

  6. 2.12.16

    The late night snacking I killed me earlier and added to a lot of weight gain! Plus I thought that I could just eat whatever I wanted… Congrats on your weight loss so far, and keep it up!

  7. 2.12.16
    Erin said:

    Why not macaroons? hahaha I think another big one is stop eating when you're full, don't overeat!

    • 2.16.16

      That's a great tip! I try to follow that one, but I can eat a lot haha!

  8. 2.12.16

    these are all great ideas! i used to be the worst late night snacker, but i don't snack at all anymore. my tip: don't eat greasy fried rice for lunch on a friday (but it tastes so good!)

  9. 2.12.16

    These are great tips, and all things I need to work on!

    • 2.16.16

      Thank you! They definitely help me, I hope they help you too!

  10. 2.12.16

    I love this! I've been trying to drink my coffee black– basically I'm lightening up on the creamer (baby steps haha). But I've also been into YouTube-ing yoga videos & trying to make my plate more colorful. Your advice is so true!

  11. 2.12.16

    These are great tips! I've been really working on adding color to my plate. 🙂

  12. 2.13.16
    Hil D said:

    I need to work on that. I like the idea of switching out my coke zero to tea, but I grab it because I am falling asleep at work and don't have time for coffee.

    • 2.16.16

      I totally understand. I always have trouble trying to give up Diet Coke!

  13. 2.14.16

    Late night snacking is always my downfall!

    • 2.16.16

      I totally understand! The best snacking always happens late at night!

  14. 2.14.16

    Haha free pass until the Valentine Day weekend is over, until then the color palate with macarons is what my plate looks like, haha! I totally agree with swapping healthy for unhealthy 🙂
    xx, Kusum |

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