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Do you love fonts? I do. I change fonts on project or blog post more times than I care to admit before I finally push publish.  I download fonts all the time. Of course, my favorites are free. Actually the only ones I have are free. In case you were wondering, free is also my favorite flavor, color and food.
I get my free fonts from dafont.com. I’ve been using this site since my graphic design classes in college. It’s super easy to navigate and download fonts. Here are a few fonts I’m loving right now!


Luna || Pennellino
Movus Brushpen || Lunchbox Slab
KG Love You Through It || Ke Aloha

Do you use dafont? What are some of your favorite fonts? 

6 comments so far.
  • Pretty! I do use it, I used it for my current blog header (it's Coalhand Luke) Free is my favorite price!

  • I love da font for free fonts!! I refuse to pay for them. I love your choices.

  • These are such pretty fonts!!!! There are so many wonderful free ones out there, I dont know why people would pay for some?!

  • Pretty fonts. I love fonts, especially free fonts!

  • oooh movus brushpen is so pretty! i refuse to pay for fonts lol. thanks for sharing!

  • Oooooh I love these calligraphy type fonts! Most of the KG family fonts are amazing. I use DaFont all the time too.

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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