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2016 is my year of change. I’ve been working to improve my body and my mind. I’ve been reading more, whitening my teeth, exercising regularly, drinking water and making healthy choices when it comes to my diet. I’ve been doing really well, but sometimes I really just want something that tastes delicious rather than another carrot or cucumber.

Enter Natural Balance Foods and their healthy cereal bars.

Natural Balance foods is a young company devoted to world happiness with delicious and healthy snacks. Don’t they sound like a magical place? Their new Eat Nākd bars are made of raw, natural and unprocessed foods.

Yesterday, I got home from work and was starving but didn’t want to eat something heavy before I worked out. One of these Eat Nākd bars was just what I needed. I had an Apple Crunch Bar and it filled me up and fueled me for my workout.

Not to mention, these bars taste AH-MAZING! They’re so yummy, I didn’t even realize I was eating fruit and nuts.

I gave a cocoa mint flavored bar to Stephen before our workout. It was so good he said, “I would definitely buy these.”

I wouldn’t lie to you. These bars are GOOD and gluten, wheat and dairy free. They are the perfect little treat for helping you stick to your New Year’s resolutions.


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  1. 1.20.16

    I got some of these in the mail yesterday and I am SO excited to try them!!

  2. 1.20.16

    I love trying out new protein bars. It's weird, but I like to mix it up. I just picked up some Odwalla bars for the first time and they're pretty good. I'll have to try and find these next!

  3. 1.20.16

    I have never tried these before, I will have to check them out! I love finding healthy, quick snacks!

  4. 1.20.16

    The cocoa mint is my favorite!

  5. 1.21.16

    i'm not really a fan of bars and such, but i love the sound of this company! and good job for doing so well in 2016 so far!

  6. 1.23.16

    Yum!! A fruit or granola bar is always one of my go-to snacks. They're so quick and easy and depending on what's in them they can be super filling as well! I'd love to try these.

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