Stop Generalizing Whole Generations

I’m a millennial, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. Just because I am between the ages 18-34 does not mean that I am a self-absorbed, technology-obsessed nitwit. However, that’s how society portrays me.

I’m not one for rants so I apologize if this post goes in that direction, but I just can’t take it anymore.

I read an article the other day that was pretty awful. The article included that we are obsessed with our phones and even went so far to remind my generation that it is not appropriate to text during funerals. That we should learn our siblings names. (Seriously?)  Then it explained what a thank you note is and how to write one. The author followed that with we are entitled to nothing and that absolutely nothing is beneath us.

I loathe articles about millennials, because I don’t think it is fair that everyone is generalized. It would be different if this was the only one I had ever read, but every single day a new one pops up each one more offensive than the one before. Just google “Millennials.” The first line of every article will offend you. I had a boss one time write an article about how 23 year-olds are giving the rest of the world a bad name, have no work ethic, and don’t even know what a dictionary is…and then gave it to me to proofread. I was 23.

It’s offensive because that isn’t me or quite frankly anyone I know. I went to college, graduated on a Saturday and started my internship on the following Monday. I have worked every day since then. All of my friends get up and go to work every single day. I’m not sure where the stereotype came in that we have no work ethic, because everyone I know is busting their butt to make something of themselves no matter what path they have chosen.

I am incredibly grateful. My parents have given me everything–an education, a car, finances, shelter, support, love and so much more. I’m lucky because I have incredible parents. I never, not once, thought I was entitled to any of those things. I try so hard to make them proud because I know what they did for me. I want to show them that their investment in me was worth it. And because I am a grateful person, I write thank you notes all the time for gifts, interviews, and kind words in the hallway. I even know how to address an envelope AND which side the stamp goes on. The horror.

ALSO, majority of the time I’m on my phone in public, I am answering emails from my boss. In this day and age, we have all the technology at our fingertips, therefore people I work for expect fast replies to their emails. Since I am just starting out, I’m trying to prove I am a great employee so QUIT scolding me for being on my phone. I love Instagram as much as the next person, and I’m not saying I never use my phone to send a Snap or a Tweet. Most of the time though, I’m sending an email so stop giving me grief.

My generation generalizes others too. We say that they can’t use technology, or are incredibly inappropriate. I get so frustrated when a baby-boomer asks me how to copy and paste or create a new folder on their computer for the 900th time. However, afterward I am appreciative that they asked. They are at least attempting to keep up with the times. Plus there are older people who are nothing like that. They are incredibly technologically savvy and always professional and polite. We can’t generalize them either.

My point of this very long blog post is that everyone in a generation is not the same. We are not cookie cutters with the same values, morals and ideals. I’m tired of people being shocked when I tell them I have a job or that I’m working over the weekend because I need to catch up before Monday.

I’m just frustrated. Do y’all deal with this all the time too?

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  • Good rant today lady. It does get frustrating, especially when I feel there are so few people who actually fit their "millenial" stereotype. I think I have one ex-friend who fits perfectly. Everyone else? Not even close. Sure we are on our phones a lot (and I blame blogging haha) but its not our fault that they invented something that puts the whole world at our finger tips! At least when we were kids we played outside and played with dolls and legos – these days kids are in front of the tv, computer or tablet all day. That's the generation I really worry about!

  • ugh. i can't stand when people generalise generations or cultures or anything. it is SO annoying and SO rude. Yeah, I meet young teenagers who think they deserve everything and are always on their phone, and then guess what, I meet teenagers who work their butts off and don't have phones. same with young adults. yes, some fit the stereotype, but most dont. honestly. learn our siblings names?! wtf?

  • Love. This. Post. So. Much! Everyone person can choose to lead their lives differently. It doesn't mean we are all stuck in that genre!

  • Totally 100% agree! I also get super frustrated when people say that we don't have a good work ethic and expect everything to be handed to us. I work my butt off at work too! I also can't believe that your boss had you proofread an article that basically bashed you because you were the same age that he was discussing in the article.

  • YES. I get so irritated when people write articles about millenials generalizing an entire generation. Why are we such an easy target? Why is this a thing that happens continuously and seems to get more mean? Each generation has had their faults. Everybody from a generation is not the same mindless zombie that does the same thing. It's so irritating to me. Especially because people like to give millenials this "entitled, spoiled, etc." labels and I always want to be like we love technology? SO WHAT. You want to know what we've had to deal with? Many of us are more educated than all generations prior yet have higher amounts of debt and less likelihood of finding a decent job with basic essential needs, Or any of the other things our generation has had to deal with and overcome – but it's easier to just make fun of us isn't it?

  • Great rant. I often find people re-posting articles from Elite Daily (a site that I loathe) telling millenials to do this or that, and half the time (or more) it's so not true. I actually had a conversation at work the other day because we just got laptops and my boss and VP of the department was saying we shouldn't bring laptops to meetings because we'll work on other things.

    I had to make the point that in earlier meetings I was able to pull up references, call out dates, etc. to help her in a meeting earlier that day! I would never have been able to do that without my technology. It's frustrating that our generation gets generalized in such a negative light. I think ALL generations need to appreciate other generations and learn how to work with them in their own productive ways instead of telling them to assimilate.

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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