On Being Part Rabbit + Peaceful Fruits

Since I’ve started this fitness challenge, I’ve begun sprouting long floppy ears and a little white cotton tail. I hop around and hide in watering cans and get my jacket buttons stuck on things. OK, I’m slightly exaggerating. Slightly.

I have eaten more vegetables and fruits in the past two weeks than I have maybe in my entire life. I have spinach and mango smoothies for breakfast, vegetables wrapped in lettuce for lunch, and a salad for dinner. I hate protein. I realize how ridiculous I sound by saying that, but it makes me fat. Before you get preachy, everyone’s bodies are different, and since I’m not training for the Mr. Universe competition, I just have no need for that much protein. I throw in a turkey burger or some grilled chicken on my salad here and there, but I’m mostly on the fruit and veggie diet. Hence the floppy ears and the tail.

Luckily, I was introduced to a cool product called Peaceful Fruits. These are snacks created and manufactured by a returned Peace Corps volunteer. He “started Peaceful Fruits to help the people of the Amazon Rainforest improve their standard of living without sacrificing their way of life.”

So it’s a socially good snack that is good for you. The snacks are vegan/paleo friendly, gluten free, non-GMO, ethical trade, and 100% organic. In fact in the apple snack, there are only four ingredients; organic acai, organic apple, organic pear, and lemon juice.

Right now, the snacks come in two flavors-apple and pineapple. and have completely compostable packaging. They come in packages of 12 for $15.

Visit their website at www.peacefulfruits.com. You can also check them out on social media.

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Have a great weekend frannnds!

P.S. Next Thursday is my 1st blogiversary which means a big fat week-long blog party and lots of exciting announcements. Be sure to stop by next week for some fun and surprises!

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  • Can't wait to celebrate your blogiversary with you!

  • I always eat an apple a day! So excited for your blogiversary!

  • Wooohoooo blog party! Also, send some bunny inspiration my way, I'm all "give me the meats!" but I need to eat more greens!

  • I've been eating healthy too and I need some new options so this sounds great! And woo hoo for a blog anniversary!

Hey! I’m Helen.

Hey! I’m Helen.

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