Moving Tips for Your Everyday Life

This weekend was moving weekend! Horray! I have an official
Atlanta address and just live in the cutest part of town. How
happy am I? SO happy.
That wasn’t the case all weekend though. Moving is
stressful. Did you know that? I always seem to block that part out. It’s like
pregnancy. I’ve never been pregnant or had a baby, but everyone says you block
out the painful part and only remember the joy. Sorry moms… I’m sure I’m
offending you all by comparing my move to having a baby. I apologize, but
couldn’t come up with a better metaphor.
Anyways, since I just really finished moving yesterday, the
pain is still fresh. Last week, I posted a few life hacks to make your move easier. They were alright in theory, but here are the real tips. The post-move
nitty gritty. The things I learned during my move.
PS. I miss Lori Beth Denberg and old All That..
  1. AT&T U-verse uses the jack not
    the little cable dohicky on the wall. If you set up your furniture to face your
    TV that will be connected to the dohicky, you will have to rearrange all of
    your furniture again the next day.
  2. If you are moving during the
    official Fantasy Football draft weekend, PLAN AHEAD! You need internet to do this.
    At the very least, pre-rank your players and let it auto draft for you.
  3. Board your pets. I’m pretty sure I
    either gave this advice or thought about giving this advice last week on the
    blog and then didn’t listen. Seriously, they will go into a fit of rage and do
    crazy things like pee on your floor when you turn on the vacuum.
  4. Unpack both your fridge AND your
    freezer. It’s not just one or the other. You have to empty both or you lose
    things like your cool infuser water bottle or your Brita and will probably get
    charged for not removing them.
  5. If you have weird furniture you
    are semi-ashamed of other people seeing, it’s probably best to move it yourself
    before the movers come. For example, a six foot tall kitty cat palace…or a life
    size peacock… Just hypothetical examples.
  6. Light candles before you really
    start to move in. Paint fumes tend to cause excessive napping.
  7. Make sure your gate keys work
    before your complex office closes for the weekend.
  8. This one is for AT&T U-verse
    again. Do not be fooled by their 200 awesome sauce extravaganza channel
    package. Those channels consist of divorce court, soap operas, home shopping,
    sermons, and any Spanish game show you wish. Read the channel list included
    before you order and go for 300 or higher.
  9. If you unpack boxes to bring the final load from your old house to your new house, don’t forget the
  10. Don’t drop the bag that contains
    your jumbo size bottle of gold glitter. Just don’t do it.
There you have it. All totally hypothetical situations with tips to help you avoid them.

Anything particularly awful happen to you during a move?



5 comments so far.
  • Moving is the worst. Good thing you are done and (hopefully) getting settled! Also, who would be embarrassed about a 6 foot cat palace or a lifesize peacock? Purely awesome if you ask me!

  • Ahhhh gold glitter everywhere! That's not necessarily a bad thing is it? Glad you're getting settled, can't wait to see the new digs 🙂

  • Important detail: did the hypothetical gold glitter debacle occur at the old apartment? Or the new one?

  • ohh no to the gold glitter! we totally have a huge 'kitty condo' as well. luckily we didn't hire movers so i wasn't embarrassed lol. we almost got cable but it snowed really bad so the guy didn't show up, and we ended up cancelling it and getting sling tv which we are super happy with!
    also my tip is do not move in the first (and worst) snow storm of the year… because your husband will take the UPS truck back and it will take him 5 hours to make a 30 minute drive home and you'll be all alone in the new house painting the bedroom by yourself and he will be really angry when he gets home because he's got really bad road rage lol.

  • When my now ex-boyfriend moved out of his apartment on the University campus years & years ago, he accidentally left a baseball in the closet. They charged him $15 to remove it!

    Random note: I cut cable months ago, but I was house sitting for my parents one week and found that there's a 90's Nickelodeon channel. I seriously contemplated getting cable again just to have access to that channel! Those were the best shows.

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Hey! I’m Helen.

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