Spray Tanning: Versa vs. Mystic

I’m pale. Really pale. My skin looks like Casper and that guy from The DaVinci Code had a baby.

I wouldn’t mind being pale if my skin looked porcelain. My sister looks like a little porcelain perfect doll. She is gorgeous. I am pale and look like I am sick all the time.

I don’t tan. Ever. I could lay in the sun all day and just look like Clifford the Big Red Dog. Then I just peel and go back to being pale. I don’t want the sun damage so I am a spray tanner.

It has some bad stereotypes and horror stories, but I love it. So today, for all my pale friends, I’m going to do a comparison between VersaSpa and Mystic Tan. These are the two most popular spray tanning booths.

Disclaimer: I am a VersaSpa girl 100% so this comparison may be a little biased so I apologize in advance….but I’ll do my best.

This is pretty much the same for both. Get down to your birthday suit, put your hair net on (or don’t, your choice it washes out. I’m pro hair net though.) put the lotion on your hands and feet, hop in, wave your hand in front of the sensor and go.

Machine Prep:
Mystic: Your technician mixes your formula and prep it up and pops it in.
Versa: The computer enters your settings. I highly recommend doing the prep.

Mystic: Mystic is actually easier in this sense. There are four numbered foot prints on the floor of the booth. The machine will tell you when to move and on which number to put your left foot and your right foot at each transition.
Versa: You have to pay attention your first time to what your technician says, but there is a lot less moving around. You face the nozzle, turn left and “Walk Like an Egyptian Pose,” turn right and “Walk Like an Egyptian Pose,” and then face the back.

Mystic: The nozzle sprays back and forth.
Versa: The nozzle remains stationary.

Mystic: Allows a minute in between passes to dry.
Versa: Has a dry pass setting after all your color passes are finished.

Mystic: Sometimes a little streaky and unnatural. I currently have a Mystic tan because I’m out of town and didn’t have a Versa option. I keep finding interesting designs on my skin. Particularly the back of my legs. Also, someone really dark was in the booth before me so I got her color on the bottom of my feet. My feet now look like this…

Versa: All over even color. I’ve never ever had a problem. I always do a clear level one with prep and it looks totally natural even on pale people like me!

Check out my post on my favorite sunless self-tanners here.

Do you spray tan? What is your favorite method?

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  • I have never spray tanned before — but I want to! I won't be going Mystic though 😉

  • Paige Phillips

    I have a tanning bed at my house, and have for the last 10+ years. After years of tanning bed exposure (and not really getting tan anymore), I switched to spray tanning. I use Versa as well, and I love it. I go twice a week, usually on Wednesdays and Sundays, and always feel like I have a good, even tan. I got a year long membership, and I cannot believe how much easier and faster it is than the tanning bed–not to mention healthier!!!!!

  • You're back! Kind of. Trust me, it'll be worth it. I didn't have a domain when I switched so that might be a bigger hassle than I know. I've only ever done the Mystic, which is funny cause I'm darker than most but I had a free one so I tried it. I literally came out looking black. I freaked because of course I got it right before the night of a date party. If I ever try it again, I'm definitely going Versa.

  • Kind of! It's definitely been a process! I can't thank you enough for all your help!
    Yeah, I have trouble trusting the technician and their mixing skills. I actually had a girl's like 10 year old daughter mix mine because she was helping out on Saturday and I kept asking..You're sure you did it right?? It turned out alright (besides my feet), but I can't wait to get back to my salon where I know they have Versa!

  • I have a membership too! It's so so easy! You just run in, do it, and run back out! No tan lines (or burn lines in my case), no fuss, no harmful UV rays. I can't say enough good things. Where do you go? I use Solar Dimensions and love it.

  • Paige Phillips

    I go to Sun Tan City. I can check in online, and never have to wait. It's awesome!
    Subject: Re: Comment on Hel On Heels: Spray Tanning: Versa vs. Mystic

  • I highly recommend it! It's so easy and so much better for you than actual tanning!

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  • Im just now seeing this post but a pro tip to help keep color off of the bottoms of your feet:
    i take one of the small towels provide in the room (usually the towel on the ground right outside of the booths) and put it down on the floor inside the booth that i will be standing in. I pretty much have my foot placement memorized in the mystic a well as the versa though, so it may not be a good tip for beginners!

  • Jack Mark

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  • Cortney Sirois

    I know this post is a little old, but thought I’d try to post anyway. After being an avid Versa user for the last 2 years, I decided to try the MysticTan. I applied the same settings (“Light Bronze/Clear.) There were 3 main differences as far as I can tell: 1) The solution. As stated in the article, Versa is entered before you get in the room, and by a computer machine. Mystic is a premixed bottle that the attendant plops into the slot right before each new tan (and based on if you want a clear coat, medium, dark, or accelerator.) As far as this difference goes, I have no preference. The end-color, however, I have found is more evenly applied, with absolutely no splotchiness and no streaking with the MYSTICTAN! Both take a good 4 hours to start to develop color and it lasts for days. 2) Feet position as described above. I learned on the Versa, so when I went into the MysticTan this week, I was like, “What do I do with my hands?” I actually prefer standing “like an Egyptian.” 3) Dry time! Mystic Tan dries exponentially faster than the VersaSpa! Versa has two dry passes after your color is applied; I walk out of the machine feeling wet, sticky, gross. Don’t even attempt to put your clothes on because you will visibly smudge the color process happening on your skin! I’ve waited upwards of 15 minutes before, and still was wet when I (grudgingly) put on my LOOSE clothes. Mystic, on the other hand… You come out feeling a little “sticky”, but NOT wet. I got dressed in TIGHT capris today immediately after hopping out of the booth and it did not smudge or smear whatsoever!

    Finally, there is one last difference I would like to report. I’m slightly (OK, a lot) claustrophobic. I HATE that the MysticTan is fully enclosed, even the ceiling. I feel like I am suffocating in there while inhaling tons of harmful chemicals. The ONLY plus side to this is that it keeps it much, much warmer. Versa is open to the world, which is great for my breathing and lungs. However, if you have balls, you will freeze them off while in there, and since it takes forever to dry, will come out even more wet, cold, and miserable.

    I swore off MysticTan after trying it once because of the claustrophobic reason alone… UNTIL I saw how beautifully and natural the color developed over the next day! I am a life-long customer now!

  • My Name 2

    What if there was another option that was chemical free? My company just announced a healthy spray tan that is just as good as any mystic or versa system. We will be releasing it next week. Anybody interested?

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Hey! I’m Helen.

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