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The other day, my friend introduced me to the most fun game. It’s really easy, you just Google your name followed by the word “meme” and click images. Then you laugh really hard and share with your friends. We have played with everyone we have come in contact with since we discovered this game on Friday. Every name has great memes. The only ones that we have found that are slightly boring are Jason memes. So if you know a Jason, apologize to him in advance.

Here are the official rules:

And here are my top 3 results:

(Not true, and slightly blasphemous but very funny)

I love this game so so much, so please play and let me know your results! 


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  1. 3.9.15

    OMG this is too funny.

  2. 3.10.15
    brookejones said:

    Hahaha This is so much fun. One of my first ones is Will Ferrell as the Anchorman saying, "Happy Birthday Brooke! Stay classy you dirty pirate hooker!" lol I could spend a lot of time doing this!

  3. 3.10.15

    Haha it's the best game! I have made everyone play!

  4. 3.10.15

    YES!! I love it. This is the best game ever!

  5. 3.10.15
    Kay R. said:

    haha I have to do this!! these were too funny!

  6. 3.10.15

    Yes you do! Please tell me your results because I get a serious kick out of this game!

  7. 3.10.15

    I am so excited to try this. I doubt there will be anything for Leanna but we'll see!

  8. 3.11.15

    Oh I definitely need to do this!

  9. 3.11.15

    Let me know if there is!

  10. 3.11.15

    Yes please! Let me know if you get a good one!

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