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I have an old entertainment center from the 90’s that my parents gave me when I moved. It was made for an older TV with a large back. The drawers are made to hold countless VHS tapes. It lived in our living room for over a decade, but when all tv screens turned flat, the entertainment center became obsolete. The entertainment center is really pretty and looks great in my new apartment, however it really doesn’t serve much purpose as an entertainment center. So this weekend, with the help of my super handy boyfriend Stephen, I converted my old entertainment center into a bar!

Entertainment Center Bar

You will need:
A drill
Long Screws
Short Screws
1-inch wood
Wine Rack
Wine Glass Rack
LED Light Strip

So first you will measure the back of the entertainment center. Make sure to measure all sides, then head over to Home Depot and get the nice man to cut you four pieces of 1-inch wood to create a frame. Then go to JoAnn’s and pick some fabulous fabric to cover the frame. Use your long screws to screw the pieces of wood together to create the frame for the back of the center. Then cover the frame with your fabric and nail the fabric to the back of the frame.

Next, screw your wine glass rack and wine bottle rack to the top of the entertainment center. I bought mine on Amazon, but they are for sale everywhere. Just make sure they are under the counter racks and follow the instructions provided.

Secure an LED light strip to the top as well. I bought mine at Walmart and it came with a remote which was great. Just use either double sided strong tape, or a command strip to secure it to the top. As an added fun treat, we found this adorable chalkboard at Swoozies.

Finally, add your goodies! Mixers, alcohol, ice bucket, tools, gummy bears, whatever floats your boat!

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    […] form of a project when he comes to visit me in my apartment. One time we turned an old 90’s entertainment center into a bar. One time we built a movie pit couch. If I don’t cut this out, he is going to stop visiting […]

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