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Our First Dance: International Dance Studios

Before the wedding, Stephen and I took dance lessons. It started out like Bambi first learning to walk with a lot of stepping on each other’s toes, running into walls, and stopping every two seconds because we kept messing up. For three months, we had weekly date night to step up our skills and have a first dance that did not resemble two middle schoolers slow dancing to “This I Promise You.” *Disclaimer – we ...

How to Save Money in 2017

One of my big goals for 2017 is to save money. I’ll be totally honest, it isn’t super cheap to live inside the city of Atlanta. I also work in non-profit and basically make pennies… I love my job, but non-profit means just that. I kind of live paycheck to paycheck, which is really horrible if I had an emergency. Not to mention eventually, we want to move out of our rented apartment. It’s really past time for me to ...
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Winter Centerpiece

I was so depressed about taking down my Christmas decorations that I turned Monday into a “get things done” marathon. I went a little crazy making our apartment homey… One of my goals for 2017 is to decorate my apartment, but I don’t think the intent was to do the entire thing in one day. I’m pretty sure Stephen wanted me to “power down” around 11:30. While I didn’t accomplish everything on my ...
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Winter Ready Outfit – Blush and Grey

Atlanta weather is so crazy… it was 76 degrees on Christmas Day, then it rained all of New Year’s weekend, now it’s freezing. Give it a day or two and we might be in bathing suits. However, today is cold-ish so I’m sharing my winter outfit go-to. I love a good vest, sweater dress and scarf and I am really feeling this blush color lately. Dress | Boots | Bracelet | Vest (sold out) Similar, Similar | Scarf (sold out) ...
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2017 Goals

Every blogger needs two things near the end of the year, a yearly recap post and goals for the next year. I did my recap yesterday, so guess what today is? I say it every year, but I really want to better myself this year. I always start energized and ready to take everything head-on, but then by Jan. 20 I’m totally burned out.  My resolution most years is to lose weight. I did that in 2016, so I’m not adding it to my list, but I ...